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I have had to deal with all the financial stuff from late brother he died suddenly without a will. Thankfully he didn't have any major assets or expenses, but I had to organise a funeral from another state. The one big thing I found was the same comment you are only a sister? Not a wife or a child of the deceased this made it a very cold sad situation. I had to junp thru a few hoops to take charge of the arrangements. So now I'm trying to get to know my little brother and to try and figure out what was going on in his head. I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with the same things? It has helped me to work thur my sadness and grief and create memories but now I'm finding that it's catching up with me. But hardest thing is that I feel like that someone is missing out as I don't know if he had anyone special somewhere out there?
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Mich pete,

Im sorry for your loss.

I understand it would be difficult to deal with financial stuff without a will present.

It must be difficult not knowing if he had someone special.

Im sorry you have been spoken to in the way you have, yes you are the sister and that should be enough.

I haven’t dealt with this myself but maybe one of our other community members have?