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my little white dog

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
my beautiful little dog on the right has had an operation to remove cancer, but it came back aggressively and developed lumps so I had to put her down this morning with great sadness, and yes I was crying non stop and whether or not I will respond in the next couple of days, only time will tell. Geoff.
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Sorry to hear that Geoff 😞 

I hope you are ok. My thoughts are with you and your other little buddy


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Dear Geoff, I am very sorry you had to say goodbye to your beautiful little dog. peace, Chris.

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Dear Geoff,

Wow !  After all these years as a faithful companion - I don't know how you'll cope.   Maybe the cancer is tougher to treat in dogs.  A dog owner friend had something similar but he took his dog to work everyday as he was a handyman.   Kind of tough to be driving the ute without such a friend beside you.   He got some expert treatment but the dog never really recovered and passed about 8 months after diagnosis.

That's a tough spot you are in.   I hope your other four legged friend steps up the cuddle and biscuit eating.    My neighbourhood know me and my border collie so well I am always stopped when I'm on my own and people almost demand to know "Where's your dog ?".   It's a loss for the whole community.  Sorry to hear that.

Adios, David.

PS   The stories that your dog could have told..................

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Dear Geoff,

It's a real comfort when you get out and about and the sad news is revealed to other dog owners.  Lots of crying, hugging and support.  And people want the whole story so it's a bit of therapy along the way.

I remember my mum losing a Kern Terrier years ago and she used to say she could still hear the little dog feet around the house.  Funny how the most eccentric dog activity becomes the most treasured memory.

See you didn't post today so hope you are recovering and not blaming yourself for a totally devastating illness. How can such a small animal have such a strong character ?  It's a mystery.

Adios, David.


dear David Charles and the others, thanks, but I wouldn't be able to give advice at the moment, I am still deeply feeling the loss of my Tessie.


I did all I could have possibly done to get her from passing away, but I wasn't able to carry her through, so I'm still mourning her loss.

I've been here before many times and I know it will get better. Geoff.

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Hello my friend Geoff

I feel it's time that I made a return ... and to let you know that I am so sorry for your loss.  Our pets become a part of us;  part of our families and they mean the world to us.

I can totally understand how you're feeling and as you say, you know it will get better.  Those are all fine words once you're out of the gloom, but at this time, nothing that is said really makes much difference at all.

Most important now is to look after yourself and make sure that you take your time in getting over this.  

Your friend



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Hi Geoff

I bet Tessie was delighted to have you as her companion.I have been there as well with the loss of one of my dogs.I thought I would never ever recover but one day we went into a pet shop looking for fish and came out with Jack my beautiful new friend.I will spare you how my Harley pasted as it is too sad and will make you gasp for air.

It is so true what they say we do not pick them they pick us.He simply looked at us I held him and said to Hubby get your card out hes coming home, I had forgotten how much work was involved with a puppy but what a laugh we have had with him.Especially all the clothes chewed up, mobile phones (I thought he was going to be sent back to shop on that one),rugs,pillow that was like coming home to snow scattered around the house.Basically MOney money money followed by giggle giggle giggle.Of course he is perfect now and we go for heaps of walks.

We looked at the RSPCA as well but had trouble connecting with one we both agreed on.It is interesting going through the process all the same.

Look forward to your return Geoff.Where is Tessie's resting place?

Dear Neil,

An old BB'er arises.   How many does that make now ?  Geoff, Scotty2013, Neil1, Rodentdron, myself and probably a dozen others that might be harder to label as the anonymous user names are a bit different.  Anyway, the party's at Neil's house.

How's the world of wwe wrestling ? Lol.  You make a welcome return, Uncle.

You can probably see from the board that I struggle to make barely 1 response a week these days..............just out of interest, do you think the MY POSTS section is reminiscent of the old BB site ?      Still lots of sections but less than the change up.   Are you still dong Muscle shows and keeping fit ?

I took my neighbours unleashed, bouncy, big dog home (over the road yesterday) with my dog (unleashed border collie but with immaculate control !) as it was running amok in the park and the owner was 80m away and without any control.   As I got his dog into his front garden (we both live opp the park) I really felt great relief that it was safe and not nearly run over (as is often the case).  However, the neighbour just abused me and my wife for 10 mins.  And then beat the shit out of his dog.   I think we'll have to involve the RSPCA or Police if things get worse.  It's like living next to a cave man.  And we're just signing a new lease !   I think I'm the first person to stand my ground and care for his unleashed dog so he couldn't control the situation.  But the dogs were safe.

I can't imagine what Geoff is going though with the loss of a great dog.    Maybe his loss was in my mind when I rescued my neighbours stray dog ? Or maybe a parental sense of danger crept in ?     If only awareness was available in Aisle 12 of Coles Supermarket.  Next to Anxiety Disorder Special Socks and Emotional Reversible Jackets (a nod to Scotty2013).    In a bizarre way if mental health problems could be resolved (real or otherwise) with mass purchasing items of no real value maybe the awareness of mental health in Australia would increase ?  A regular customer would pass this section weekly.  "Mummy, why is that called the Sad Aisle ?".

Tricky items with no price can be dealt with a special Anger Management Check Out Operator.  With a Store Moderator lurking nearby, maybe sweeping a broom or filling shelves, ready to step in with a full jet of hose water or a simple observation that will lead to a grateful insight.  What a therapeutic shopping experience and not a pair of flat blacks in sight. Sorry, my brain is really fried from yesterdays abuse.

Adios, David.

PS  Actually, the Store Moderator would be wearing protective head gear.

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Hi all,  and dear Geoff, I'm not meaning to hi-jack your thread, but just wish to quickly make reply back to David.

Yes, it's been a while that I've been away;  I've hovered (or lurked) for sometime but the whole board is really full on nowadays and it's hard to keep up with it.  Which is good and bad in a way ... good that people are able to come on and express their feelings;  but bad cause there IS so many of us who are affected.

Yes, I'm still keeping fit and without my gym sessions, I honestly don't know how I'd cope.  They are a great source of release.  But I'm still on my 3 separate medications and life continues to be tense, stressful and difficult.  Well, my mind tells me this and hence that's how it is.  😞  

If I could make ONE suggestion to the good folk of beyond blue with regard to the website;   yes, all the different headings are brilliant, but wouldn't it be grand, if there was ONE global thread.  This thread would consist of all the most recent posts/threads.  Sure you can go to the other headline ones if need be, but to see the most recent ones, they'd be all in the one topic.  Just a thought.