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my little white dog

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
my beautiful little dog on the right has had an operation to remove cancer, but it came back aggressively and developed lumps so I had to put her down this morning with great sadness, and yes I was crying non stop and whether or not I will respond in the next couple of days, only time will tell. Geoff.
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Dear Giggles,

Heard similar passings of two friends dogs this week.  One of them made a name for himself by scaling his 8 foot fence (in quite a posh area) and shagging the dog on heat next door, resulting in 8 border collie pups (they kept one girl).   I always used to look at this 8 foot fence when I visited and wonder how he did it.   His name was Buster and I'm sure he's scaling the 8 foot fences in dog heaven just as well.

It's seems that the behaviour we most like in our pets is their audacity.  They know so well that something is the wrong thing to do but still do it. Almost teenagers.

 I agree with you, Giggles, that it's good to have Geoff back.  Even if he is pinned to his armchair by Moo Moo.

Adios, David.