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Will I ever find love

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I feel depressed and hopeless. I’m 22 and single. I’m a fairly good looking young man but I think I’m missing something. I’ve been reject 5 times by directly asking girls out, mostly are strangers. I’m holding on to a crush I had 5 years ago, I’m still interested in her but I don’t know if she feels the same way, and I don’t know where she is now. Maybe some stalking in my part. At the moment I’m unemployed and depressed. I don’t know if I will end up married or not, or married to someone ugly. It’s natural for me to have some standards. Since I’m handsome I want someone beautiful. I’ve been battling anxiety at the moment so it’s harder for me when it comes to dating. I don’t think woman wants men with social anxiety. Right now I feel depressed and I’m binge watching SPONGEBOB. How do you think I can fix myself.
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Hello Justin95,

As I read your post idk...I feel you are judging women by their looks...this is not really good to do...because.....

Beauty is not just skin deep....The beauty of a women or man is inside their heart and soul..not just their skin...

Maybe by looking for someone beautiful on the outside only....you are looking in the wrong direction...and those not so beautiful girls you are avoiding are the ones that hold their true beauty inside of them..,,,

There is an old saying....Never judge a book by its cover...

Kind thoughts,


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Hey Justin95,

I was in your position 7 years ago.

I was single, annoyed at myself for having social anxiety which made me nervous around people, especially new people I didn't know. I had 0 luck with the ladies which always left me thinking will I always be alone?

Then I just stopped worrying about it - I dont know what made me do it but I stopped focusing on 'trying to find a girlfriend' and started focusing on myself.

One night I got drunk and thought tinder would be a good idea for some reason - swiped right (or left(?)) on people and forgot about it for a few weeks when I opened up a few weeks later I found I matched to someone and that someone has been my girlfriend for 7 years (and counting).

You're only 22 - Its ok to have standards, but its not really ok to be judgemental.

Take a step back and start focusing on yourself! I firmly the trick to finding love is to start loving yourself first.