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Why don’t my posts appear straight away?

Beyond Blue Staff
Beyond Blue Staff
This thread is for new community members to answer questions about how our forum moderation system works.

What happens after I hit ‘post’ or ‘reply’?

Your post goes through a software filter that scans the content for potential breaches of the community rules and member terms, particularly with regard to distress and safety. If your post clears the filter, it will appear almost straight away. If it does not, it is held back for moderation before posting. 

In order to prevent spamming or abuse of the forums, posts by new members are automatically held for moderation until such time your account can be verified by a moderator. 

This may take up to 12 hours, and depending on forum traffic, up to 24 hours outside of regular business hours.

If we are unable to publish your post, or need to edit it, you will be informed by email. 

Display names and profile pictures are also subject to moderation, so may not appear straight away. Display names rejected by our system will default your display name to 'Guest'.

Who reads the posts?

All published posts are publicly visible, whether you are logged in as a member or not. The forum is monitored by a team of clinically-trained moderators and an online community manager, who you will see posting in the forums and participating in threads from time to time. All posts are read and monitored by this team.

What does the ‘report post’ button do?

The ‘report post’ button is a feature for users to report content to moderators that concerns them. When you click the button, a field appears allowing you to send a message to moderators stating why you are reporting the content. The moderators will review your report and come back to you.

I’m having technical issues with the forum. What do I do?

Please post a topic in the ‘Forum feedback’ section, and your question will be addressed, or send an email to bb@beyondblue.org.au

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