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Where can I find real support? I’m so so so tired of this

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20yrs on meds, diff therapies, being fobbed off by doctors, being misdiagnosed over and over again. Not being listened to. Being told the way I’m feeling is “normal”. Losing friends, becoming a bad mother, withdrawing from everyone, cutting my shifts more and more at work, more sick days, more break downs at work, more breakdowns when it comes to parenting, complaining all the time, staying in bed for weeks on end, never ever being able to leave the house as I cannot even shower. Being ignored over and over again when I beg beg beg beg beg for help and still I’m like this. I don’t want to keep living this way. I don’t want to die. I just want to live and be able to have some quality of life. There are no psychs with open books in my area, my long standing GP forgets my history and repeats the same things. I’m over it. Where do I find someone who will really listen? I spend days and nights doing my own research for treatment and the doctors never want to listen to me. Why can’t we advocate for ourselves and be heard?
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Hey Happiness I Miss You,

Thanks for sharing what’s going on for you here. We’re really sorry to hear you've had some really difficult experiences and not been able to get the support you need. It sounds like you’ve taken some incredible steps in researching and advocating for your healthcare, but you’re not feeling understood.  We’re grateful for your bravery and openness in sharing here. It’s a really good place to have come to hear from others who might understand some of what you’re going through.

We want to let you know that the Beyond Blue Support Line is here for you 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or online. We’d really recommend reaching out to talk these feelings through and think about creating a Safety Plan for those difficult moments. We’d also encourage you to keep your prescribing doctor updated on what’s going on for you and seek a second opinion from a differing doctor to get some more perspective on your treatment options.

Thank you so much for sharing here. Hopefully, we'll hear from the community once they start to spot your post. Please feel free to share a bit more and let us know what is going on for you, and what might help, if you feel comfortable. 

Kind regards,

Sophie M

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Hi, welcome

Sorry to hear of your desperation. I assume your medical issue is mainly depression and what that has brought to your life in so many negative ways. I hope I can help and I'm here nearly every day so you can reply anytime and I'll likely be here unless I'm not feeling well myself of course.

It sounds like you have several issues , your life hasnt worked out as you hoped with parenting, not coping, illusive motivation and confidence issues. Like a whirlpool these thing multiply and bring you down further. IMO in such situations being able to regroup and take a new radical approach can work wonders but there is firm guidelines to take in order to have an effect.

Thankfully you have much awareness of your issues and that is the first positive to take that you can pat yourself on the back with. A major step forward with this is just that- praising yourself along with accepting you cant change the past- the future and present is all that matters now. Stay with me on this ok 🙂

Below I'll list some steps and attach a link. With those links you only need to read the first post so not much reading.

  • The past. Remove such thoughts. To do this you might need to distract yourself. As soon as you think of past issue go to your distraction activity. https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/depression-distraction-and-variety
  • We are human, we make imperfect decisions. Some dont care others take them as being a bad human being. https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/who-cries-over-spilt-milk-#:~:text=That's%20the%20saying.,forgotten%20about%20many%20moons%20ago.
  • Life. I've been misdiagnosed too. This is again human imperfection. Life is like that. Accepting errors is easier than begging for the perfection you crave. GP's have hundreds of patients and cant recall all of them and their issues for example. To enter a surgery accepting he will forget and remind him "you might recall I have depression and its hard to cope" is better than getting upset. https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/do-we-expect-a-smooth-road-in-life
  • And here is some videos videos





If you have been moved now by all of this then you could be on the path to more happiness, a new beginning.

Relax, change can happen