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Talking to Family about my depression

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hi second time posting. i just want to know of anyone who has had the difficulty of not being able to talk to family members when you are depressed but you can talk to a total stranger like a counselor or a social worker and have no trouble spilling all of your dark depression mood and also do u feel better when u have talked it out and have trouble trying to explain to others about your depression? i just want to know because i always have difficult talking about it to my family members but am totally willing to talk to a doctor or a social worker all about my problems. has anyone else felt this way? please share it would help a lot to know that maybe i'm not the only one. thanks
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I'm the same way, deprees8. I find it hard to talk to my family about the way I feel because I don't want to scare them or upset them, and I know from experience that it can be hard for them to really understand what I'm feeling. I think there's a bit of pressure with family too, at least for me, to 'hurry up and get better'. When I feel like I'm going into a downward spiral again after feeling ok for a while, I'm hesitant to talk to my family because I feel like they're thinking 'here she goes again...' 

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I completely understand, I have been suffering with depression since I was 7, I'm now 22 and my family still do not know my daily suffering, they know I suffer from "Depression" but they don't really know what it means, I've found it's really helpful to find someone other than your Councillor/Psychologist to talk to. People here are quite helpful too, hope this helps!

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Blue Voices Member

dear Depree, absolutely, because when we talk to a stranger, then we can walk away knowing that there may not be any follow up, or from these people constantly asking us questions which we don't have any answer to, whi