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Stopping medication unintentionally

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Hi Everyone,

I started on new meds a couple of months ago and finally found an antidepressant that worked for me with minimal side effects. I’d been suffering depression and suicidal thoughts for over 12 months leading up to this. Nothing was working.

Fast forward to last weekend when I went away and forgot to take them with me and missed 3 days. My mood dropped right back to where it was and the suicidal thoughts returned. I resumed taking them as soon as I returned but not feeling any positive effect as yet.

Is this normal? Am I that reliant on this medication I need to take it to feel like it’s worth being alive?

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Dear Rupes79

Thank you for posting in our forums.

We understand that you are feeling confused about what has occurred with you when you forgot your meds. Unfortunately, it is our understanding that this sort of reaction is common, especially during the first several months whilst your body and brain are slowly adjusting to the meds.

We would strongly encourage you to meet with your GP or Psychiatrist to discuss what happened, and what is occurring now. Your mental healthcare provider is the person who knows your specific situation, and can best advise you.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello Rupes, I'm pleased for you that finally you have an AD that works for you, however, if you left them behind, then it's possible, like I've found out myself, that you can quickly fall back to where you were you.

If this does happen then you should visit a pharmacy where you are, explain the situation and ask them to contact your current pharmacy and ask them to OK a script so you don't have to miss out on taking them.

All the formalities will be handled between the pharmacies and another option is to make sure you carry your script with you everywhere you go, plus the phone number of your pharmacy.

To answer your question, is you need to take this medication until your doctor feels it's time to cut down, but only by them, although I'm not a doctor.

Don't struggle when there are other options for your health and please take care.