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Quit my job due to depression and anxiety

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Hi all my first post.

I recently resigned from my corporate job and have 1 and a half weeks till I finally leave, early May.

The job pays 80k and I have no other job lined up, luckily I have managed to save money up but I could not cope anymore as my depression was overwhelming me and my workload was ever increasing. The company is very disorganised and I was given no training or handover with 4 major projects and management didnt care they expected me to deliver by working unpaid overtime.

It came to a head one day when I started crying at my desk, luckily no one saw me. The work colleagues are horrible and evil, one of them was making fun of me saying I was going to fail in delivering one of the projects and another guy said I was too ugly to have a girl friend. I have been single for a very long time but have a few close female friends but I m in the friend zone only which probably only adds to my depression and loneliness.

The sheer workload every day makes me anxious and I struggle to get out of bed on workdays, even on my days off I cannot sleep and when I do I get out of bed at 1-2pm as I have no motivation whatsoever.

I have told them I am leaving for personal reasons as I plan to spend time with my elderly mother, I did not trust them to tell them I was depressed and unhappy in the company and my role. I actually asked for 3 months Long Service Leave but they said we were too busy and they couldn't let me have time off. I have 9 weeks sick leave and I sometimes think I should have taken the sick leave instead but I know deep down I hate the job and the company and all that will do is delay the inevitable.

I m scared of not having a job especially when I was paid a decent salary, I haven't looked for one as I don't know what to do, I don't think I can work anymore in evil greedy Corporate Companies that use you, I was only making the Execs rich working all the extra hours.

But I realise my mental health is suffering and I have to walk away from all the noise and get my health, happiness, motivation and passion back. Its actually hard for me to apply for other jobs when I m so depressed all the time as this will show up in job interviews, its hard to hide. I am worried when I apply for jobs the fact I quit will go against me, but I did work for my current company for almost 10 years.

Has anyone been or is in a similar situation and give me advice, I m so unhappy all the time and hope it will lift when I walk out the door.

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Hi Shelby Mustang,

Welcome to the community here. I really sorry to read of how depressed and stressed you are at present.

There are many people here on the forum who know a lot more about work situations and how to deal with them than I do, so hopefully someone will offer you some advice.

I left work due to depression, stress and also a medical condition. My Dr has suggested I have 6 months off and now receive minimal Government funding. It is a struggle at times.

As you will have time off soon, I would like to suggest you talk to a GP about how you are feeling and seek some professional advice and assistance as well through a counsellor or psychologist.

Chatting here will help as well. I try to write down how I am feeling in a journal, that helps me get the negatives out of my head and also helps to clarify how I am feeling.

Pressure and stress in the work place is extremely unfortunate. I hope you are able to have a rest, receive help in understanding how you are feeling and will then be able to move on to another job where you are treated as a person.

Cheers for now from Mrs. Dools

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hi Shelby,

i worked in a company for 10 years and i candefinetelyrelate to the bullying...I experienced being bullied due to being promoted to a position...and then I also experienced all the gossip ...initially when I started in the company it was my first proper corporate job and i was not used to the aggressive nature of the corporate workforce...i remember there being a very verbally loud receptionist who would loudly complain about people in the kitchen...and i remember walking into the kitchen and this lady had been complaining about a dish i had left...to other work colleagues.....and some of them were seniors in the company so as a junior employee imwas mortified that i was being mocked....anyway...while i completely agree with cleaning up aftwr yourself...i do believe the professional thing would have been to let me know personally and let me explain myself....anyway...that lady would randomly choose new people to victimise and shame.....pulblic shaming and bullying is very common in offices and...i often felt like i had stepped into a nastier version of highschool...anyway...10 years on I developed a much thicker skin...i refused to be involved in any 'social' events for work, never went to christmas parties and lunch was time to myself to pay bills, read etc...that very strict division of my personal and work life did wonders for me....i had originally tried to befriend people in the company and i think that this left me emotionally vulnerable.....p.s never add any work people to facebook

I concentrated on doing whatever was necessary at work... i also concentrated on making small goals for myself and just try to get as much training as possible....also wear earphones..this is a great way from inviting casual conversation and guarding yourself....

it actually helps to laugh at all the silly mind games people play....ire,ember telling my husband about the plate issue and cracking up at how absurd office behaviour can be...

Also don't take what work people say about you to heart..they are a very poor judge of you as they are your competition not friends and the work environment conditions people to behave in quite nasty ways...

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As far as leave goes, I thought that LSL was an entitlement and there were different rules for taking it vs annual leave. Will you get a payout for your LSL entitlements?

Re. sick leave, if you could have got a doctor's certificate and taken sick leave that would have meant not being there and still getting paid. The other side of it is you still have ties to the workplace and sometimes you have to cut and run.

I have just put in for next year off without pay under a family leave entitlement, so I have a job to go back to in 2019. Time to get some time to yourself will be good. You can always make money but you cannot make time. My job also demands unpaid work out of hours and it is running me into the ground. If you have some breathing space financially that will be good for you to work out your next decision for a healthier you.

Hi Interloper, originally my Team Leader said it was ok to take LSL, but he came back the next day and said they couldnt let me have the whole lot, he must have been over ruled by MGT, instead I could take a 2 week block here and there by using odd days adding up to 2 weeks. This would have meant my work would not be handed over and I would need to work late to catch up when I returned after each day(s) off, more stress that I didnt need.

I get paid out my LSL, but probably at a high tax rate as it is almost 3 months Lump Sum Payment, I couldnt hold onto next July to quit and a possible lower tax threshold as the job was slowing sending me insane.

Yer, that sucks. Shitty management wanting to save money at their worker's expense. Nothing lost there except a bit of tax. Yer, will lose a whack with your tax free threshold reached and income pushing the LSL payout up (my quick calculations put it at $7000), but that is assuming you won't work at all next financial year. If you do then that would quickly move it back towards not making a difference if you quit before or after July.

One way of looking at it is you are getting a lump sum. My suggestion would be to something positive with it to make you feel better. Invest it. Take a holiday. Buy something you've wanted. Do all three. I don't know. I do know that money means nothing if you don't spend it, so either invest it to make more to spend or cut to the chase and use it to improve your quality of life.

The Company has an embargo on anyone taking leave from June till September due to end of Financial Year, so I was thinking of taking a holiday to Canada to beat the winter here and enjoy the summer over there. Otherwise I would just be sitting at home in the cold eating takeaway, so why not eat take away in the sun in Canada, it may recharge my batteries as well.

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Hey Shelby, I too have walked away from the Corporate life after 12 years. The corporate world is full of self centred, egotistical people. Companies, Directors and those employees stupid enough to think they are going somewhere are all the same. The irony is they all claim they are doing something different, something special, something unique. Yeah, yeah like all the other 6 billion people on the planet. They are working like soldier ants to acquire goods. They are working to keep busy, around the clock. They are working so they never get to smell the roses, watch the sunset. They are working to fill a void that cant be filled with a new car or a better house, but they still can't work this out. All the things they are working to acquire are non permanent and will perish. Leaving the corporate world is the best thing you can do for yourself. While you have some free time read the best spiritual books you can get your hands on. Your new life is waiting and the path lies in your heart. I wish you love and happiness.

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Shelby, by now you have probably already quit but for anybody else reading this in a similar situation:

I quit a job that I hated about 12 months ago. I too found myself crying at my desk and I realised I needed to get out, even though I had nothing lined up.

I said that I was leaving due to family reasons and my last day at that company was probably the happiest I had felt since starting work there. It was like my heart was 10kg lighter!

I ended up finding another job after taking some time to recharge and get my mental health back on track. This job is a much better environment and quitting my last job was the best decision I ever made.

It is very important to take up some hobbies or make some plans for the period immediately after quitting. Get some sunshine, do something you enjoy or take up something you never had the time to do.

I also highly recommend reading the book 'feel the fear and do it anyway' which really taught me some good things.

Toxic environments are not worth it. Life is too short to be everyday with horrible people. Not all workplaces are the same, get out and find something better and look after yourself 🙂

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Hi Shelby

I have just quit my job after only 11 months of poor treatment. I was being snapped at on a daily basis for effectively just doing my job. The workplace has no policies or procedures, and I don't even have a job description! I was basically doing what needed to be done to keep the workplace running, and being harassed constantly. On my days off, I was constantly worried and stressed about what I would get yelled at about when I returned to work the next day.

The anxiety built up over the months, to the point where I had a bit of a breakdown and burst into tears at work; I had been made to feel as though I was incompetent and completely useless at my job. I quit by saying I was suffering anxiety on a daily basis and simply couldn't stand being there anymore...but I'm sure the boss who was causing the problems won't even recognise the fact that she was the one causing the issue 😞

Like you, I was earning a decent $80K a year, and have nothing to go to. I will be getting 2 weeks of accrued annual leave paid out and have some money saved up.....I still have 2 days left of work to endure, I am hoping that the anxiety will go once I have finally finished.

I am sure by now that you have left your toxic work environment, hopefully you are back on your feet and feeling much happier 🙂