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No Motivation

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I just wanted to ask for some advice.


I currently suffer from Anxiety and Depression, I'm medicated, and I see a psychiatrist every four weeks. I work in an office a day and a half a week, and go to uni four days a week. (one day is spent half at work and half at uni).
Currently I have no motivation whatsoever. I get out of bed (barely), shower, leave, spend the day in lectures/at my desk, then go home, spend some time with friends and go to sleep. Every day feels the same.

I'm not completing my uni work, and each day I spend mostly down as I just don't want to be either at uni or at work.

Theres nothing that I'm really aiming for, I have no goals, and I can't seem to find anything that I actually want to do in life.


Can anyone give me some ideas to help with finding something I actually enjoy, or something to help me actually complete stuff?

There's a possibility I'm going to fail one of my units because I don't have the motivation to do an assignment.



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i know EXACTLY how you feel.

it is so difficult to cope with but , like me , you find a way to get through the day.

do you notice a change in how you feel when the day is over and you get home ?

only to have the same feelings the next morning.

hang in there,there are ways to "snap out of it".

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I can understand, I don't have the motivation to get dressed, just sit round all day in the pjs until its time to take the evening sedative and go back to sleep.

The SSRIs are barley keeping my going.

Another month before I get my psychiatric consultation.