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Feeling Lost

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Hey there. I have never really felt compelled or needed to post anything or browse BB in my life. I have recently moved away from home to university. I have spent about six weeks here and have felt consistently low and without excitement or motivation to do anything. I am failing a lot of my classes and am regularly skipping tutorials. I am part of a group of friends but I don't feel like spending any time with them, which makes me feel like a terrible person and like I should be hanging out with them, although when I do hang out with them, I want nothing more than to be in my room, alone. I hate feeling this way but think that when I act any other way, I am presenting a fake persona. I am wondering if there is anyone who has felt like this who can offer some tips. I feel like crying most days and have done over the past few days. I am just really unsure of what is happening and if this feeling will persist forever. By rejecting offers to hang out and go out, I feel like people think that I do not like them but it is the complete opposite. I do like these people it's just that I don't feel like interacting with anyone. I am aware that this is a negative pattern of behavior and would love to get to the bottom of why this is. I have never felt like this before. If anyone can provide some advice or has experienced a similar feeling, I would greatly appreciate the help. I have done some research on SAD and anhedonia and believe that these could be similar to what I am experiencing. Cheers
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That Other Guy
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I do think this sounds like depression. Your best bet is to see a GP and get a mental health plan, and explore your feelings with a counsellor who is trained to help you work out what's going on, and how to help you navigate it. Everyone here would love to try to offer help but no one is going to do better than a trained professional. Good luck!!!

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Hi, welcome

I do agree with "the other guy" in that a proper diagnosis is the only way to go. Outside chat and advice is beneficial however.

I recall joinin gthe RAAF in 1973, I was 17yo, jetted from Melbourne to Adelaide for recruit training among many other lost souls all older than me. I was lost, I found everything daunting, new everything from haircut to clothing, environment, weather, noise (aircraft), room mates and food. Drop yourself on Mars- be similar. However, 4 years later I left that job to join a jail as a corrections officer and got that same feeling as it was yet another strange environment. After 3 years left that to join Railways investigations and the same feeling. So I began to accept that this was a combination of new places and new challenges, just other appear to handle it better.

I might mention that you are at University to achieve a goal. While its 'normal' to hang out with friends and other activities, they can easily divert your attention to such goals. It's most important to give this your best effort and only accommodate other activity when you feel the need and have the time. Some of those "friends" might not need to study to achieve a pass. I had 80+ jobs and 15 professions (due to mania) and out of those I ended up with 3 good long term friends so quality of friendships is the way to go.

Finally, there is many diagnosis you can have besides simply missing home etc (which is a possibility). eg I have bipolar2, depression and added to the- dysthymia. Dysthymia is a mow mood constant depression. It does cause crying and high emotion and that feeling of lost euphoria. Hence the need for a proper assessment.

I hope that helps.

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