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Depression or something else?

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Hi, I've been finding it really to hard to enjoy life recently and am not sure whether that is due to a few tough situations in life all happening at once or whether I'm on a downward spiral. 18 months ago my husband was made redundant and since then he has made next to no money trying to set up his own business and it hasn't taken off. We have two pre-school age children and I work part-time to try to keep the mortgage paid. I'm constantly tired and worried about money, so much so that most evenings I cry myself to sleep. I can't turn off that voice in my head that reminds me that life wasn't supposed to be like this. I can't talk to my husband about it because he blames himself for the whole situation but I know that he is trying his best.

For the last month or two I've found it really hard to enjoy life and have lost motivation to exercise or eat healthily. I just want to crawl into bed and ignore all the s*** that we're going through. I'm just worried that, if things don't improve, then nor will how I feel. Are these feelings just a reflection of the long-term problems we're having or am I starting to spiral into depression?

 Thanks in advance for any advice


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Well young lady you certainly have had a ruff trot over the past 18 months, I cannot tell you if you have depression or not you need to go to your GP and they can advise you, wanting to crawl into bed and ignore all the s*** is a bit of a favorite for us depressed people, so don't leave the GP too long.  Maybe you are just run down. Maybe you have to make a decision about your husbands business, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and cut your losses, move onto the next phase. I am in business now and there has been unsuccessful parts of that business that we have had to cop the loss on. Life is full of challenges and opportunities. Best wishes young lady.....

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Blue Voices Member

dear Florrie, I'm so sorry for this situation you are now in, especially when your husband has tried to start his own business, with the hope that it will take off.

I do believe that you are heading well and truly into depression, and having long term problems is an additive to this illness.

Starting a business requires money, time, advertising, planning and who to market, it's an enormous effort to achieve all of this, with the prospect of having no trouble.

Even this puts a lot of strain on both of you, and when it becomes a real struggle our minds begin to become perplexed which makes us head down hill into depression.

It's also a worry for you about the money you have invested into starting this business, and if need be whether any products or equipment can be sold to recoup some money, if this is the case.

I would suggest a couple of things, 1 both of you go to centrelink and put in the forms required, they will ask about the business and how much money you been making, and if it's minimal then there should be no problem in getting payment from them, or tell them that you are closing your business due to several factors, and if you are working part time then your centrelink payment will be adjusted as per say.

2 It would be a good idea for you or the both of you to go and see your doctor soon before it becomes a more major problem, and it's heading that way, and I am so sorry for you.

The next few weeks aren't going to be pleasant, I certainly hope not, but all of this may create friction, and that's what you don't want.

Take care. L Geoff. x