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*You Gotta Friend in Us*

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I wanted to start this thread so that there was a place that people could introduce themselves and have a chat and make some friends when it seems that is a really hard thing to do in the "real world", that out there in life it is so very hard for people to make friends and maintain friendships and feel like they matter and are of value in a friendship.

So welcome and I can't wait for you all to chat and share with each other and know that you have friends here.

So to start the conversation if you feel it weird to write a post on here....grab a coffee or whatever your chat drink of choice is..maybe an Oat Milk Chai...yum ...and let's get started making new friends....

"What is something that no one would know by looking at you?"

Mine is that I speak Thai.....

Hugs and love as always

Sarah xxxx

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hi Sarah. sorry i didn't reply. i go on and off the forums. i don't feel like i belong, or have any place that i call my happy place, or my own, on here. i don't even reply on my own thread all the time. i'm really struggling a lot lately.

Hey mb20lover

I hear what you are saying in that you are on and off the forums, that is totally fine and no explanation is needed. Sometimes you need to chat and sometimes not, but always know that here you are welcome, you are supported and that people care. I hope you can feel that by being here with us.

How are things going for you lately?

It has been some time since we did chat and I am wondering how you are going?

Great to chat to you some more and hope to chat some more soon

Sarah xxx