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yawn is it the weekend yet ???

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hello fellow beyond bluers thought i would check in and see how every one is going ?? It is a short week this week i have to say i love short weeks as much as i hate them hahahha the mix up in the routine is really overwhelming at times i am  . The last week has been ok with the exception of tuesday wow my poor old brain really failed me then 😕 but the rest of the week not so bad maybe i am on the up ? hoping so i have my first fertility trial appointment later on this month so i am hoping that the next few weeks remain good and it will help me to be strong when i really need to 🙂 .  hoping you all have a happy and safe day
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Hey there fifi

Thanx for this thread – and what you’ve posted.

I know exactly what you mean when you say your routine is mixed up and that can become very stressful.  It’s amazing isn’t it – personally I think we become creatures of habit and for us who suffer, anything that crops out of the blue can be a very taxing time for us.

That is very exciting news about your upcoming appointment later on this month – it can’t be that much longer to go, as there’s only a bit over two weeks left of this month.  I have no idea what that all involves and most probably don’t need to know either however, I can’t help but think that if you’re eating and sleeping well – perhaps even some mild/gentle exercise may all be of assistance for you.

Oh oh, and would oysters help this situation – or is that for another thing entirely??


Reminds me of the old joke where a couple were going away on a ‘naughty weekend’.  And the lady was saying to a friend of hers that their sex life hasn’t been too flash of late.  So the friend said, give him oysters for your dinner – they’re a great aphrodisiac – give them to him and just wait and see what happens.

The following week the two ladies caught up with each other and the friend said, “So, how did it go?”   The lady said, “Really good, but not quite great.  You see I fed him a dozen oysters, but only 8 of them worked!”



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Pretty sure oysters will have no effect lol but cheers for the thought 😛 as i said the other day i am really focusing on trying to turn this around and improve my diet and exercise in hopes that in turn my sleeping will return to a good rythem 🙂  . Appointment is the 25th so hears hoping it will all be good 😄 onwards and upwards hey 🙂

Have a great day and thank you for your reply 🙂 i really enjoy sharing with you all 🙂 

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

dear Fifi, tuesday was a bad day for you, and sometimes it only takes one day to start a chain reaction.

Neil if it took only 8 oysters then that's still a bonus, but there's no point eating them by yourself, so I give up, I look like an oyster, feel like an oyster, taste like an oyster and as hard as a rock like an oyster shell. lol.

Fifi our fingers are crossed for a positive result on 25th and being able to have a regular sleep pattern is ideal, but unfortunately a lot of depressed people do sleep, but it's not any beneficial for them, it's just sleep caused by depression.

We hope the best for you and please let us know how you got on. L Geoff. x

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Thanks you Geoff ,

Its weird spelling your name like that hahahah i have a jeff (husband ) 

Thanks for your kind words and support 🙂 as i have mentioned befor the support from this group is awesome and the more i read and the longer i want to stick around 🙂 as for the other i will definatly keep you all updated 🙂

Have a wonderful day x Fi