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Whats your Bucket List?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all.

there are things we’ve always wanted to do, aren't there...so this is just a social thread about whats on your bucket list, and a conversation starter.

list 3 thing you have on your bucket list that you would like to do. Doesn't have to be grand, can be anything.

Look forward to your list. here we go.

1. Write a book of some sort (sci fi, or historical)

2. Put something into space

3. Learn the piano properly


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Community Champion
Community Champion

Write a book

go to Africa to see my Le friend of 35 years

once to a stand up comedy routine,

Community Member

Realistic entries first:

1. Try shark diving (and/or be lucky enough to encounter sharks during an open water dive)

2. Make a generous contribution of toys, games and other activities to a children’s hospital (that one’s been on my list for quite some time)

3. Establish my chosen career path* (in a blend of archaic and modern terms, a “Bard of the 21st Century”)

*I came to this result by finding my Ikigai, or “life purpose”; if anyone’s interested in the process, feel free to Google “Ikigai”


And now for a couple of outlandish (but not impossible) entries:

I. Become the first ever ginger incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who (I mean... it’s about time, right?)

II. Develop one of my pet projects in collaboration with Nintendo (I’ve been a Nintendo fan since long before my brother and I received our first console, an N64, in late 1997)

Well... I may as well dream big for at least two of those entries, right? 😄