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What I did today!!!!!

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I am 70 yr old lady who lives on her own and would like to post what I did today and hear what others are doing. Life can be a bit lonely around dinner time and I thought it would be somewhere safe to chat about the day.
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Hi Mae51,

This is a good idea. I like to read what other people are doing. As for me, I am doing some cross-stitching. I am supposedly working from home but I am feeling out of it so I sometimes do cross-stitch instead (don't tell my boss!)

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Mae today I just followed my usual routine. I exercised, I walk the dog, I shop, I do one household cleaning job per day, today I cleaned the kitchen, top to bottom. My little dog is not strong enough for a second or third walk so I am turning a laundry trolley into a dog stroller. That way she can still come along cause I am far beyond caring what strangers think about me pushing a little dog in a carriage!