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Last to post wins

Community Member

This worked quite well on another forum site.

It may float or sink on this one. We'll find out.

Don't ask what you will win being the last to post, it will be something useless.

But have a go anyway.

I'm last to post so far. Am I a winner?

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throwing chocolate in front of others...


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Watch out, it takes forever to get chocolate out of my fur ... & the fur out of the chocolate! 😺

No chocolate is safe...if I'm around, and no marshmallows either!

Just finished off the last chocolate and last marshmallow...I am a very happy monkey.


I think I found my favourite mmMarshmallow, today - in a Rocklea Road! 😹

I'm keeping my own chocolate to myself, then! (Unless you do like furballs, or fish filled chocolate Easter eggs - then we might have a problem...) 😺

You can definitely keep those disgusting chocolate's to yourself

I just had some chocolate eater eggs- yummy for my tummy

I'm back ....

Guess whose back
Back again
Smallwolfs back
Call a friend

Guess whose back guess whose back

Smallwolf's back

Is nice & furry.

Wonder just what

Is the hurry?

Can't a wolf

Stop a while,

Sit & chat

Or even smile?

Turn around

On the track

Let me see more

than Smallwolf's back