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Kitty/Rainshaddow - All welcome 

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Hi Kitty , I hope you find me in this BB social zone , rural NSW sounds like a great area to grow up in , better than city I think , I had some time in a city as a kid but much preferred the rural life , looks like we have some things in common with writing stuff down to reply to each other , I am using the tablet from library for this , bigger and easier than my phone , did you get to listen to Indian sitar music on way home ? If so how was it ? I have Indian flute music on now from YouTube, really beautiful , so glad you told me about it . Not sure if all libraries do the loan of ipads and tablets, kinda happy yet apprehensive about going back to old work place, will have to see how it all pans out .it sounds like a them problem kitty , nothing wrong with being assertive a bit in life .yes I do understand how it can cause anxiety when people are like that at work , people who engage in rumours and gossip are usual insecure and do it to bolster themselves, sad really , but you are stronger than them , I just know it , and it can be hard with the uncertainty of job security in covid times on top of nasty work colleagues, it sux , but you can overcome it , they are a blip on the radar
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So decision made to separate from your partner , how are you going with it so far ? Are you OK ? I do hope so , it can only get better i am sure , bewildering he didn't get it to contribute to relationship, and just because we have anxiety/depression doesn't mean we are unstable at all , heaps of people go through it in life , and yes how disrespectful to say that and throw it back at you. I will think good thoughts for you tomorrow, Thursday, for the councilling session , good luck , I hope it goes well and is amicable, parting ways can be stressful and anxiety inducing, I hope things get better soon and I am sure they will kitty , no good you had an attack on way to work and then also at work, glad your boss did the right thing by you , I too do the breathing thing and the 3-3-3 thing too , 3 things you see 3 things you hear 3 things you can touch or 3 things you can move on your body , distracts our minds from anxiety like the cough when getting a needle , wow this Indian flute music is sooooo cool and relaxing. Yes your own space will help , things will get better for sure , has to .

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I will look for the piano blues music you suggested , and yes Celtic music is good too , triple j is great and so agree with you on the heavy metal,screaming music awfull , gallahs are funny yes , have them out here , they are funny , noisy too , got kinda tame magpies too , they follow me around if I have food or a rake in my hand , if I rake up,they are in amongst it getting bugs , I didn't know there were red pandas , how cool , I like whales and black panthers , so sleek panthers , I've not seen game of thrones , I hear it's good , I like celo and violin and harmonica and Indian flute now , yep snow leopards are great , I also like that smell of rain , also watching electrical storms rolling in in the nth west of wa , I have not heard of Raymond e feist or Michael J Sullivan but will look them up , Douglas Adams is rather good with hitchikers guide to galaxy and dirk gentles holistic detective agency ,I like house cleaning and a bitbof gardening , I find both good for thinking time

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Favourite colour is white as its so clean and bright , lite greys are good too ,

A time in history for me is 1940s London,

Great movie, This beautiful fantastic , the man in the moon , just like heaven , the dust factory ,

Fruit is pineapple and blueberries,

Hey Rainshaddow,

I also love blueberries and pineapple 🍍😀.
why do you love 1940s London? What is special about that moment in time?

I did try the Indian sitar music- the one with the 3 candles on the cover, I liked it. I listened in the car on the way home from work and it was really relaxing. Thanks 😀👍.

I did my couples counseling on Friday and my partner suddenly understand that I was struggling with our relationship not being equal and more like a parent child relationship. The counsellor was really helpful. We are trying it again as a couple, but he has to get a job and contribute financially and provide support, and I need to work on communicating better. So fingers crossed it goes okay.

Any more luck with job hunting Rainshaddow?

Hey you found me over here kitty 😀 , excellent , yes those fruits rock , yum , I like the era of World War 2 , that era of history particularly London , the blitz , the struggle , the fashion of that era , men and women in hats , a simpler time in history really , not so much pressure as today's society I think , glad you liked that Indian music , I really liked the Indian flute music you told me about , still listening to it , that's such fantastic news Kitty that you and your partner have got an understanding about things from the councilling session , so happy for you 👍😃 it must be such a relief , I am sure he will find work , my mate in Qld says lots of mining jobs around the place , wow I am soooo pleased for you with the way things have turned out with the councilling , it's a new beginning , a happier and better time ,👍