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If you could have anything right now what would it be?

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Hi everyone

If you were given one wish from a genie, what would be your ultimate dream or goal it could be anything you like even if its not realistic, the skys the limit and all your thoughs are welcome.

Have fun!!!

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Community Champion

I was going to say happiness, but that would be somewhat one dimensional, or might be deprive me of "sad" experiences. So my real answer would be...

A Life of Values

(You can work out what that means, it has meaning for me.)


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Community Champion


Hm.. this is a good one! I would probably say having money, and I know that's kind of cliche but I think that it would really help me right now. I wouldn't go and buy silly things, but as someone who is constantly freaking out about paying bills - I think it's that sense of security and stability.

My answer doesn't feel very exciting!! What would you do?

I would fix everything thats wrong with the world. Then i would get rid of all the old dangerous things and replace them with advanced technology, for example buildings will no longer be on the ground, they will be windmills underneath floating the buildings off the ground.buildings no longer will go up they will be circlar. Poor people will no longer be poor and everyone will be treated equal. Doing jobs everyday all day will no longer be required. People that offend or break the rules must go. The problem with that is if the world is neutral life would be really boring so logically you can't fix everything you can try but if you fix one thing you break the next.

I always wonder to myself

What if we can eliminate everything and start again

What if we could go back in time

What if the water wasn't blue

What if we were controlled by someone or something


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Blue Voices Member

Simple answer

A place to live.

But i will settle for having my needs met

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For it to be like star trek.

Futuristic and most problems solved.

Or to live in a utopia.

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I would wish for equality. I want to be judged based on what I can or can't do. I don't want to be limited by my skin color, the shape of my eyes, my ethnicity, or my religion. I want everyone to respect the differences we have instead of fighting because of them.

BlueRoss I am going to sort of extend on your post.

I remember being in a philosothon (philosophy comp) and the question was, "Do animals have feelings, and if they do, should we give them equal rights?",and I said,"We are thinking too far ahead. First we need to give each other, as humans, equal rights. For example, racism and sexism is very bad in the US and Australia."

So, my wish is for all humans to forget racism, sexism & hate, and to instead just be kind and selfless. Also everyone should all be equal and get a bigger wage. poorness is sweeping across the world as governments take all of everyone's money with bills and government organisations.


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Blue Voices Member

I know this thread is old, but I'm going to dust it off because I love a good Genie wish question.

I've never been able to decide what my favorite wish might be. I mean, wishing I had a thousand wishes seems like a good start, but you've got to watch these genies.. They have a reputation for being sneaky and making you be careful what you wish for. Like wishing people would never be rude then wondering why nobody can talk anymore.

But my favorite two ideas would have to be wishing that I could understand and speak any language I encounter. Or... to be able to play any musical instrument I pick up.

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Blue Voices Member

Thanks skary bill

if I could have anything right now! This is such a hard one but right now I wish I could have inner peace.

if I was allowed to have more than one it would be health, wealth, happiness and love - true unconditional love. Still with inner peace!

- happygoluckymiss