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How are you feeling today?

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It is always good to check in with people to see how they are going...

Ask someone how they are feeling today & post how you are feeling today.

I am feeling okay today, I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm trying to remain positive.

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Hello Jazminaa, cool post some of the simple things are actually the best things. My husband is away and he has organized a delivered gourmet pizza for my dinner. His kindness and your positive post have me also feeling grateful. Again the same, I also try to remain positive, so thank you for a terrific post. Amber

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I’m okay, but feeling aimless.

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Hi Jazminaa,

Thank you for starting this thread! It's like R U OK day everyday 🙂

I'm a little unsettled today. I recently had a job interview that did not work out because the job wasn't at all wasn't what I was hoping for, and I'm beating myself up a little there. But I've also been watching some majorly silly videos on TikTok and that's been helping, and trying to keep up my gratitude practice which is helping a bit too.



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Hello Jazminaa. Thankyou for starting this discussion. Same here. Trying very much to remain positive, and have a lot to be grateful for too. I guess the okay feeling for me is mixed with other not so good ones. Maybe that's why after a few months I've been here I have returned out of desperation. I am lucky I have a good understanding of my reality, or I would fall to pieces. But have made a lot of improvement. But it is still so tough that I feel being here is maybe the only option as I have tried, meetings, counselors, psychologists, rehab, talking to people, hospitals, lifeline, talking to new people family and friends in person and on the phone, different types of employment, medication, and social media, church and Christian groups, basically I have tried everything under the sun to get better and fix up my life. I still feel things will be better if I keep on trying and do the right things. Hope that you are ok, and things get better God bless.