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Favourite Bands/Singers

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Hi guys,

I was inspired by Neil's thread about favourite movies.  I want to know - what are some of your favourite bands/musicians?

Do you have an album that you listen to over and over?  Is there a songwriter who you connect with, that seem like they draw their lyrics directly from your soul?  What is your favourite style of music?  Who did you grow up listening to?

Are you a musician yourself?

And importantly, I'm always looking to discover another band or genre so if you have any suggestions of a great song let me know so that I can look it up 🙂

As for me, I don't really like most of the stuff that gets played on the radio.  The lyrics seem meaningless to me, and the songs are mostly produced just to make money - not to connect with an audience or tell a story.  I prefer songs and artists that are sincere and genuine, that confront important and real life topics or are emotionally touching.  that doesn't mean I live for slow ballads... no, I listen to all kinds of music, fast paced - slow and rhythmic, rap, hip hop, jazz, folk, rock, alternative, metal.... I love it so long as it has some depth.

I'm currently hooked on a band called Twenty One Pilots.  I love em!  Also, I recently discovered a genre called Nerdcore which is rapping about nerdy stuff like computer games and everyday events etc... I love rap but I don't love a lot of the language or topics that are usually rapped about, so chilling out to some lighthearted Nerdcore works for me 🙂  

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I am feeling my age at the moment.

I like Credence Clearwater revival anyone hear of that .?

I liked the Monkees