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Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with ____

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Hi everyone,

mmmMekitty and I have been playing eye spy over in the cafe, and i thought we should perhaps build a thread about it.  let us stave off the  loneliness with just sharing what we can see anonymously.

I'd like someone else to start please as it is not my turn... mmm already guessed that i spyed my fruitless yet loving "pear tree" that started with "P".

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What? Moonlighting are you? I suppose I could teleport my 'M' eye-spy to this new thread? I'll even collect all your guesses and send them here, too, if you like? (I suspect you would prefer to get my 'M' out of the TRCafe anyway.... just give me a mo...


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Okay, I'm back...let me just drop this here...

I began with:
I spy, with my muddy* eye, something beginning with M )& it is not me)!

DnG said:

I said:
No, I wasn't giving clues yet, 'cause I think there are enough if you just look around a bit. 😼

I then added:
Or maybe I am...
('cause I'm not completely clueless)

DnG said:
my guess for eye spy is a mouse

I said:
(with references to Xmas & Pear tree),
Sorry, DnG, not a mouse, not even stirring anything inside the house

DnG said these guesses:

molotov cocktail?

membership card?

murky window?

I said:
Oo I hadn't thought of using a Molotov cocktail...hehehe ... Maybe get some landscaping done in the process... 😸
cooler->warmer-> cooler->warmer->keep stumbling around, you're sure to notice it soon.

--& that brings us up to date.

Note *I said ‘muddy’ because I was so surprised I got dizzy and fell over into the mud! & that just may be a clue...

yo mmMekitty.

Thanks for joining the eyespy thread, i am sure we will continue to chat in the other threads.

warmer = molotov cocktail. and, warmer = murky window.

ok.. mat? mattress? meaning? mildew?

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I choose to share the following beyond blue community rule, which is also displayed on bb website.

"We maintain the right to remove posts and threads.
We need to make sure that material posted in the discussion forums is not potentially harmful. For this reason, we may edit or choose not to publish any post, avatar or display name that:
includes personal information such as images clearly displaying your face, full names, phone numbers, locations, postal or email addresses; or encourages the sharing of such details."

So now that people are clearly aware of the rules (for they may not know these things previously).
Be strong in your anonymity, do not fear for BB forums is protecting yourself and your identity.

Please enjoy a game of eye spy.

My mum and dad and I would play eye spy on long drives during holidays, as we travelled our large nation. One joke that dad would occasionally make when it was his turn is.

eye spy with my little eye, something that begins with r.

Road! yep son u guessed correctly, I am watching the road whilst i drive.

next one from dad might be...

eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with w, two words, w____ l___.

White line! yep son, i am watching the white line as i drive!

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Valued Contributor

Hi DnG

cool>little cooler>little warmer again>& a little warmer still

When your dad said his I Spy jokes, did you laugh or groan or both?

We had a long road trip, across the USA, lots of kid cooped up in a car for days and days. I can't remember exactly how long. & there was even a bit into Canada. Can you imagine? Two adults and nine kids? How many on your road trip?

We played spotting a particular number plate game, too. I was no good at these games, my eyesight being poor even then. One day, I remember us kids all being given a 'Gobstopper'& told we were not allowed to bite or chew it, only to suck, and see who could make it last the longest. What do you reckon? They wanted us to shut up a while?

Keep stumbling around, I'm confident you'll soon have a eureka moment.


mild mannered man?




thank you for playing with me. back then when we did such things, i was an only child.

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Valued Contributor

Aw h you don't have a working definition of chaos? I am here to help!

Sadly, all your guesses are getting colder...perhaps if you toss them all over the place with carefree abandon ... what will you have then?

I am happy to play. I enjoy the diversion, and I have this little mmMekitten inside who sometimes wants to be kittenish, as is only natural for self to be, being not grown up yet.


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Valued Contributor

mild mannered man? = Who, Clarke Kent?
mist = A story by Stephen King?
maker = of what? Money?, Pasta? Rice? Bread? Don't tell me - The Universe!
money = What Money?

Or: Money tree? Making Money,, a book by Terry Pratchett, that was worth money to him, Pocket Money, Spending Money, Money Bags, Monopoly Money., Money, Money, Money, ...

My problem was that many games required that players have better eyesight than I did. My sibs took advantage of my poor eyesight. Here I think I am in with a much better chance!

do you spy a Mess?