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Art therapy

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Anyone here interested in Art therapy? Creativity is cool. Take some time off once in a while to de-stress!
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Do you do art therapy?

I have not. But then again I am not that good at art either. And if I was good, I don't think that which I would draw would be alarming to some. But hey, it's a way of getting it out?

Perhaps you could tell me more about it?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

For sure!

I took a night time hand-lettering class a few years back and it was the best thing I could have done for my mental health at the time.

I struggle to settle my mind with things like meditation so having something in front of me to focus on helps, while still slowing down and calming my mind.

What kind of art do you enjoy?

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If just drawing in my personal time counts, then yes, I use art therapy.

I’m no good drawing straight from my imagination, but I just look up photos on the net, or photos in books & try to draw them. It can take me hours to copy them, but while I do it my mind is completely focused on the task & it really gives me a break from my not so helpful thoughts.

I really like using oil pastels, charcoal & pencil. Self taught, so I’m definitely no artist but I enjoy it. I mostly like drawing African animals.

Have you heard of the Sketchbook Project? It might interest you, look it up online

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Art is, in a word, my calling. I'm good at many things, but I'm happiest when creating, performing, or even daydreaming. I find inspiration in so many different ways, it's likely that a momentary distraction will lead to a creative vision that requires immediate note-taking to use as reference material.

I'm particularly drawn to literature and creative writing, though I also have aptitude for various forms of visual and performing arts, as well as some screen and media-based techniques.

After 15 years of biding my time, I've recently been accepted into a Bachelor of Arts degree at an interstate university, which in my mind is the catalyst that pushes me from my 18-month period of self-reflection, realisation and associated depression. I'm stepping into my purpose, free from doubt and gloom, and it's all thanks to art. 😄

Congratulations! On getting into a Bachelor of Arts degree. That is an amazing achievement you must be so proud of yourself.

Art is such a great outlet for stress and depression. It's so calming because you channel all your energy into your master piece. All your negative feelings just melt away. Its a distraction from the outside world. Im not the best at art but I do those paint by numbers pictures. Absolutely love them especially during times of lockdown. It distracts me because im too busy focusing on painting the area between the lines. I forget the concept of time.

Art is such good therapy. Im glad that you found a avenue to help as a coping mechanism with your depression.