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Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak

We recognise that many of us here in the community are feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed about Coronavirus (COVID19). 

As a result, we created this thread to allow people to come together here during those difficult times and encouraged those wanting to share or seek support to do so here in this space. 
It was important with this thread that we maintained perspective and supported each other as best as we could, medical, scientific and public health experts around the world have and still are working hard to contain the virus and treat those affected. 
The Beyond Blue Support Service is available via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat. 
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I think it is great to have the option of telehealth. For example when I had bad reaction to some medication being able to speak to the GP by phone explain the problem and then he texted a link to the new scrip I needed. Far better than waiting for a normal appt. I'd already seen him so didn't need to see him again just to change script. Similarly some of my hsb specialist appt have been by phone saving long trip to the city with associated risks in a pandemic. Unfortunately telehealth is not the same as face to face. You can't check physical symptoms properly. Last year hand therapy appt changed to video due to outbreak. The result is ongoing issues which will probably never resolve because the person could check properly what was happening and if I was doing the excercises correctly as it was too hard over a screen. There seems to be too much inconsistancy re telehealth with some doctors etc using covid as an excuse to just do telehealth when it is inappropriate.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi everyone and hope you're coping as best you are able today.

I've read a few posts here and felt so sad seeing people at a crisis point and asking "what's the point anymore?". And yet today I feel the same way... Hopeless.

Here is WA the restrictions are growing daily. I hate it all. Had to get double vaxxed just to keep my job. Now at my work we have to prove boosters too and I can't do it. First two reacted badly with my immune suppressants and I'm limping about and in pain all over again. My rhematologist won't even try apply for an exemption, she says we'll just add even more meds. How many boosters until I can't walk again? Why bother, if I can't move I can't do my job anyway. May as well just quit. Wish I had done that in the first place.

Thank goodness my kids don't have to be vaccinated to go to their school (yet anyway). At least we have a strong homeschooling community here when it all goes to pot. They'll probably ban us from meeting up as a school group though. I keep worrying how long until my kids are rejected from karate, or swimming lessons. There is no choice or freedom.

I don't bother with the news anymore. Comments are all closed so no-one can have a say and anyone who wants freedom to choose is automatically labelled as crazy or uneducated anyway.

Hubby doesn't feel much more positive either. He's started upgrading all the veggie patches, got more chooks and pretty much says we're just going to have to fend for ourselves because to the government we are just another number.

I feel so hopeless.

PS I am safe by the way, just down and needed to vent.

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Sorry to read Quercus... but thank u for your voice; i feel exactly the same way. Just wanted to reply and say u are heard and understood.

Thank you Golden82, I'm sorry you feel like this too. Fingers and toes crossed we can claw back some sort of hope eventually.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi, I don't like telehealth but I guess it's cool that we have that as an option. I feel for specialist appointments I worry j won't grt as thorough treatment via telehkeath .

I am seeing a sleep specialist soon and am disappointed it's felehelath ,

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi sleepy telehealth is a great idea but didn't work for everyone and every situation.They have been doing specialist appointments before covid by phone as they offered me one but I said I was happy to drive two and half hours to see a specialist.I am lucky now they have a specialist in the next big town.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Well said makr. I think that makes sense, I'd also drive to get there....

For me telehelath has been good for: gp check ins when I still go in occasionally, just not as much. I still like to go in face in face face to see my gp, when availible

Online groups for mental, health , educational ones like mindfulness or craft

One on one psych appointments for an assessment

I do not like telehealth for

Ongoing therapy

Peer support or recovery groups where ppl share and connect

Specialist appointments

Hi Sleepy, absolutely agree with your list. I have not done online groups etc, but they sound good. But i have decided to quit my psych as she's only done telehealth for 2 months since SA borders opened and i am getting worse with talking on phone ie not in same room to discuss trauma. It shows for me it is just a job for her .. it doesn't feel caring at all and i get worse afterwards. I actually just got off a helpline now about this very issue. And decided to quit her and find a psych willing to work in person. For me that is the most important part. To feel safe and supported. Valued and not just a number. It is sub standard care she is offering with phone calls. But it means have to be vulnerable and start all over again. How many times must we do this?

And yes, how can they do specialists on phone? I was meant to have one the other week and they had to do a physical exam and the receptionist said they would try do it on zoom. How? Sub- standard care. At the same cost. I cancelled and rebooked later hoping it changes. All these rules for covid are causing other crucial medical exams to be impacted. It is way out of kilter.

Also with gp telehealth, often they call 2hrs late. I get so distressed and anxious with this. It is rude and wastes the day waiting anxiously by the phone. Also for sub standard care. I have had enough of all of it really.

Thanks for your list though as it is my thoughts too and reinforces that i need to find better.. ie ppl willing to support face to face.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Golden, thanks uve made such great points here and helped me as I was trying to think it through myself!

It is seriously sub standard care from specialists!

There are therapists who work face to face during this time, I am so grateful. I have ptsd and feel it is hard to not have sessions in person, because I can avoid more and hide my feelings....thank u golden for being so insightful and sharing.

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Valued Contributor
WA borders staying in place!!! Party for one at my place right now! So relieved 😊😊😊😊😊