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Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak

We recognise that many of us here in the community are feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed about Coronavirus (COVID19). 

As a result, we created this thread to allow people to come together here during those difficult times and encouraged those wanting to share or seek support to do so here in this space. 
It was important with this thread that we maintained perspective and supported each other as best as we could, medical, scientific and public health experts around the world have and still are working hard to contain the virus and treat those affected. 
The Beyond Blue Support Service is available via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat. 
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello mmMekitty,

I got a phone call Thursday night to say my daughter in law’s father who had caught COVID from being in hospital....why did they send him home knowing that he has COVID...He has been been isolating at home and suddenly due to his COVID was rushed by ambulance to their local hospital as he suddenly took a turn for the worse...

What I don’t understand is the professionals knowing full well that the people with COVID can at anytime have a turn for the worse and be really sick and need oxygen suddenly...Then why don’t they keep these COVID cases in hospital until they are over the worse of it..and in recovery until they are safe to go home....why are they sent home to fend for themselves...when they are still in the early stages of COVID...This is so unfair...

I haven’t seen my children or grandchildren now for nearly 2 years...I hate the thought that now my son, daughter in law and grandson is having to deal with the possibility of loosing their father, father in law and granddad...without my support and help...

We all need to keep in contact with elderly people or people who are sick that we know and lives alone...because they are vulnerable...A phone call could save a life....because COVID is so unpredictable...

My heart goes out to everyone who cannot see their loved ones...but please remember that by keeping away you are protecting yourself and your love ones.....It’s been 2 years for me since I have seen mine....it hurts...a lot..but well worth the sacrifice of being able to one day, see them healthy and give them some hugs...I can’t wait for that day to come...Looking so much forward to that day....and hopefully that day will come soon for all of us..

My kindest thoughts everyone...


Community Member

Hi Grandy

I'm sorry that's happened to your daughter in law's father. I guess they sent him home to quarantine and only admit him again when he's become very sick because they need the bed. There's such a demand for hospital beds now and limited nursing staff available.

I don't mean it's OK just that I suspect that's why this would happen. Have you heard how he is?

I'm sorry you've been apart from family for so long. I have friends who know I'm alone in lockdown but they haven't rung to say hi or see how I'm going. They're in areas that are out of lockdown and they have families. People don't seem to think what it would be like to be alone all through this.

I hope things are going OK in your town. 🌷

Elizabeth CP
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Good luck Sleepy with getting the letter.

I agree with meKitty I try to put myself in others' shoes, and still think I got it easy. That doesn't mean I don't hurt too; I acknowledge, not try to put on my old face of denial, & allow myself the feelings. but not ALL the time.
We're all worn down by these months of restrictions. I think we need to find those things we can do, within the restrictions, to ease our bodies and minds.

The lockdowns are to try to reduce the number of cases until enough people are vaccinated to stop the hospitals being overwhelmed. It sounds as if NSW are already overwhelmed which means they are only taking the really serious cases but I imagine that means that people are missing out on early treatment which could prevent serious problems including non covid issues. If Melbourne 's cases keep rising we will have real problems in hospitals.

Community Member

Yeah it boggles the mind that cases rise even in say Canberra,so much smaller, when they've been locked down for mths but even the same for Melb and Syd too really.lmagine if they were open. But cities have been all over the world , makes you wonder how did they cope then.

But there are the lives saved and surely that's a huge thing. Had an American mate complaining last yr about lock downs saying ahh, 4000 [or something like that ] Americans die a day anyway what's the difference, well they lost a lot more than that l think in the end but he's attitude was still the same, UK 1000s and 1000s, most countries actually . They haven't even heard of low numbers like ours, so l suppose that is a huge thing for us, at least that's something.

Sleepy , wondering , are you allowed out for walks through the day there or ,shopping and stuff, not quite sure what the rules are in Melb atm . But can you go for 2 or 3 walks a day or one day time one evening or something or? l realize you might not even want to anyway , just wondering. Sorry you've wound up alone, so hard for so many.l'm lucky in that way alone wouldn't worry me at all even mths on end but l am an odd one. And for those of you that can't see family , fortunately l'm odd like that too , well apart from my daughter , the rest though.

l agree Moon,they've lost the plot. And these bloody pressers and exact numbers in every tiny thing they insist on, hours on end day in day out. lt's way way too much , it's too much for the peoples psyche too, it's beyond dwelling to the whole country every damn day. Think they're loving it tbh. l hear many countries aren't even reporting stuff anymore let alone hrs on end and to the ridiculous.


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I am over the whole thing. Is there anyone else that questions what the mainstream media tells the people of Australia. Is there anyone else that will stand up for freedom of choice. Is there anyone else that questions the safety of these vaccines ?

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

I've had anxiety this week although I did have a restful couple of days off work. I think I was triggered by the roadmap out of lockdown. Not knowing if &when we can go back to the office. When will kids be back at school and for how many days? Will I be in the office a few days and work from home a few days? Change of routine again, then end of school year so another change. New system at work in November. How do I juggle it all?

It all feels too much and I can't keep up with all the different dates.

Cmf x

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Here in SEQld we're not really in lockdown, just still expected to wear face masks when getting about, if you can't maintain that 1.5m away from each other, but not household members, I can sit in a cafe without a mask, but cannot walk through into and around inside the place.

Untraced cases? A few, I think.

I get a bit lost when hearing what is said on tele and trying to find the detail in the Qld's .gov website.

All I know, mask restrictions are to continue - even while some other parts of the restrictions are eased. & aren't they happy, aren't our vaccination rates great! Still I am stuck and frustrated.

If getting the vaccinations out to as many people as we need is so urgent, why aren't they getting it done? Are we in Qld going to hold Australia back? Are Qld & WA in a competition to finish last in the race?

Who's winning the Pr comp? Sometimes I do believe that's what the daily press conferences are really about. I need clear info on what I can and cannot do, and when there will be another review of the restrictions.

If the state/territory gov websites where you live, have the information you need, and you can find out there, I think I would suggest not watching the daily press conferences going over and over and confusing you, or not answering questions directly. Just going to the website, later, because it is not immediately updated, and checking the info for myself has taken some pressure off my emotions. I also like listening to ABC's Coronacast in the morning. It's roughly 10 minutes and focuses on a couple areas, questions, and Dr Norman Swan and Tegan Taylor explain better than most. Sometimes they get a little help. (I don't even have to log in to hear them).

& the roller coaster rolls on....oh, I want off now, please!....

mmMekitty....it's nice to meet someone else on here from Qld...no one else seems to understand and think we have it "so good" here...so fewer restrictions but from my point of view...so many of us are still living in "fear" that our press conferences keep drumming into us over and over again. as you know our Premier locks the border with hardly any notice, people's businesses are over, their lives ruined...and yet our "leaders" keep bragging to the rest of the States what a wonderful free life and lovely time we are having here in Qld.

The feeling is still all pervading that we are living under an iron thumb, whose press conferences are verging on the ridiculous with things like {referring to international travel)..."well, where ya gonna go then? Hey? You gonna go to India? Wanna go to Tokyo".....disgusting!

whatever freedoms of movement we have here can be taken away with a click of their fingers...they know it..and remind us all of it every possible chance they get!!!

Your not wrong.

l'd put money on no other country in the world is trying to scare the living daylights out of their people daily 18mths later the way they are here. Or doing 1 hour pressers day in day out and reeling of the bs , numbers and scare mongering they're doing here for 18mths now.Anyone l talk to os , Covid is hardly even on their news anymore.

And they're scaring the hell out of young people too it's just disgusting.My daughter was ok and excepting last year and oh well'ish . This last few mths 18mths later she's an absolute mess with worry and anxiety , we can't believe it. We try everything we can to lighten it all up for her but her anxiety worry and panic is through he roof.

They're all just making me sick.

ps , on another note say for Vic but the same in NSW too really , how the hell have numbers gone from 20s a day to a 800, 900, let alone 1400 or whatever it was in NS , when we're still under the strictest lock downs in the world? Matter of fact l think we're the only ones even in any sort of lock down these days , let alone our lock downs.

Sorry about the negatives , but they're just making me sick.


Hello everyone

Does anyone else wonder what we we will think of 2021 and 2020 looking back in 5 and ten years.?

My 3 year old grandchild knows about corina masks and covid testing.I wonder what will her memories be.
sorry for those who are struggling, anxious and confused.