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Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak

We recognise that many of us here in the community are feeling scared, worried and overwhelmed about Coronavirus (COVID19). 

As a result, we created this thread to allow people to come together here during those difficult times and encouraged those wanting to share or seek support to do so here in this space. 
It was important with this thread that we maintained perspective and supported each other as best as we could, medical, scientific and public health experts around the world have and still are working hard to contain the virus and treat those affected. 
The Beyond Blue Support Service is available via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat. 
There are some other helpful discussions taking place here within our forum community that you may find helpful to read or participate in: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support/online-forums/staying-well/hi-there-i-only-just-joined-and... 

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi everyone,

I think that this thread is a really good idea 🙂

To answer Sophie’s very helpful questions:

What thoughts are helpful for you at the moment?

Good question, I must admit that I don’t necessarily have an answer at this point.

But I think sourcing information from reputable organisations and qualified health professionals helps me to keep things in perspective 🙂

What are you doing to remain connected?

Admittedly, I am finding the recent, though understandable and reasonable, advice to practice social distancing difficult. I completely understand why we have been advised as such, & will personally try to adhere to it whenever possible.

But emotionally, I do find that difficult as I’m more on the extroverted end of the social spectrum. I’m trying to keep in touch with family and friends using alternative methods, such as texts.

But of course it’s just not the same as seeing them in person...the social distancing is actually what I’m finding hardest psychologically/mentally.

How are you taking care of yourself and others?

I’m taking care of the people around me by practising social distancing, good hygiene and checking in on them regularly with non-face-to-face methods 🙂

As for me?

I don’t know. Physically, I’m trying to practice good hygiene & am taking care of my health

But emotionally, I don’t yet have an answer, because what I used to heavily rely on was spending quality time with friends and family in person. But now I understandably need to limit that.

What are you finding helpful in reducing your anxiety during this time?

I’m actually more concerned than anxious. More so for my older relatives/family than myself.

I’m exploring more creative outlets like drawing and other forms of art and self expression 🙂

Thank you for reading. Sorry for all the mentions about social distancing, but it’s because I’m actually finding that part the most personally stressful and upsetting.

I’m an extrovert too, so perhaps that adds an extra challenge for me

Kindness and care,


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
With events yesterday in my life and my self not feeling well I am finding it difficult and am really worried more for my kids future.

I couldn't agree more Hanna, Norman Swan is an excellent source of info regarding the virus, I respect his opinions and trust that he is being open and honest.

I think its important at this time to make sure the source of our information is reliable.

Community Member

Hi sorry Smallwolf - Dr Norman Swann is an award-winning journalist and investigative reporter who informs the public about heath issues - born in Scotland now here on the ABC. You don't have to be on twitter, just Google @normanswann into Google and you can click on his twitter thread. You can also look him up on Google.

On Q&A on the ABC last night people were wishing he was running the country during this virus like the fire chief did during the bushfires - instead of the politicians! I find his advice very informed and sensible - do have a read of his twitter thread. He recommends:

We should have closed the borders, especially to the USA

Social distancing:

Avoid gatherings of people and crowded places, stagger and minimize your shopping time, be aware the virus is spread by contact with droplets and can be on surfaces such as tables, stair railings etc. You won't catch it walking outdoors it isn't in the air, but stay six feet away from people particularly indoors.

The reason for avoiding large gatherings (he recommends no more than five people) is that way they can trace who each person was in contact with. Also more people can be affected in a large gathering by one person alone.

Very sensible advice. I know all this is scary, but he has a calm decisive manner and explains things very clearly - there are videos etc on his thread. Best wishes.

Hi calmseeker,

Yes his twitter thread is very informative, excellent clear advice, I wish he was informing us on the television regularly! I am checking his twitter feed regularly. Good videos and information there. These are scary times for everyone, he helps by giving calm, decisive, sensible advice which we need at the moment!

Community Member
Oops sorry, Swan not Swann - I always do that, type a double n - Dr Norman Swan.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Thank you Hanna for that information.That is really good information that we do not seem to be getting.

Community Member

Hi Matchy,

Did you find his twitter thread? There are also videos by him on Google if you just type in his name. I think he gives much clearer, more decisive advice than we are getting from the government here, no wonder people are panicking as we keep getting no information or conflicting information, it's confusing for everyone. I think what he says sounds like sound advice - I'm going to check on his thread daily to see what he has to say - people's questions and his replies are helpful there too. I hope it's helped you - it's an anxious time and the social isolating will be tough for people alone like me - all my social things are shutting down.

I'm really glad if it helped you a bit, maybe recommend it to others you know, I think it's the sort of advice we need... cheers Matchy!

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello all

I agree with Hanna that Dr Norman Swan is a great resource and a person who can be trusted.
I like Sophie’s idea of looking at what we can do to help ourselves rather than what we can’t do.

There are so many what ifs about the virus that if we tried to answer them Itwould make us more anxious.

Thanks pepper for your honest answers.l

Jamzies welcome to this thread. I think that Drs are people who differ in opinion.

i think trust one persons a ice who is respected and go with your gut.

patience I think going alcohol free works for you then it will help. It may. Ot work for everyone.
thanks every one fir your thoughts,.

Maybe what can I do rather than What if this happens .

For anybody who is a keen reader, there is a list of online book clubs etc to join if you are stuck at home on a blog by Lisa Hill in Melbourne, it's at ANZ Litlovers Litblog.

She has lots of ideas for bookworms who are stuck inside during the virus outbreak!