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Your positive story... please share

Community Member

Hi everyone,

I would love to hear your stories on how you overcome your anxiety or improved life with anxiety...

I know majority of us don't refer to these online forums when feeling great but if there are some, like myself that stay on here to help support others, please share. 😊

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi beautiful girl this is such a great place to be in to be helping people with their problems its great bc they get to feel safe secure understood and not judged. I'm venessa i am a youth worker and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse depression self harm eating disorders etc. Im 36yrs old married now with a beautiful little boy who has autism. My very dark past i would never thought I'd see the light at the end of the dark tunnel but i did many many years later in life hence this is where i am today involved in the forums. I have also been told that I'm an earth angel so anyone who comes into my life i happen to better their lives by being the inspiration they need. I am so happy you have found the inner strength and peace to be on here helping others. Thanks for sharing and joining us it was lovely to chat with you venessa. Jump into the bb café lots of beautiful souls in there xx 😊😊

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Lind779

Great post by the way:-)

My first mega anxiety attack was in 1983. It was awful. The anxiety kept being a pain off and on until 1997 when my female GP started my on the AD's which gave me my life back! I joined the BB forums back in January to talk to other people with depression after being too alone over Christmas and just really down. The support I received then and now is wonderful. I also take a great interest in helping others if they are stuck as I was in '83

  • Anxiety attack severity does decrease over time with regular counseling
  • Depression can also be treated (for me my meds were a godsend)
  • I have spent 99% of these 30 years working successfully..with the anxiety then the depression.
  • There is always hope...there is always some peace..:-)

Kind Thoughts


Hey gorgeous lady,

Your strength to get through what you have is amazing and your courage is inspirational!

You should be extremely proud of yourself and you make me put my problems in perspective.

My partner and I have been trying to have a baby. We're both 37 and its been challenging. I was diagnosed with bad endometriosis and the only reason why I have formed extreme anxiety is due to complications from the colposcopy 5 months ago. Ever since then I have been experiencing health anxiety though the panic attacks are less extreme since being on medication.

I have now put a hold on trying for a baby until I get better mentally but it feels like a big setback.

Just taking each day as it comes 😊


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Hi beautiful yes i am proud of myself and yes i know my story can help people that's why im in these forums 😘i still have my moments i have bipolar disorder and boderline personality disorder and am medicated that's what helps me to keep going in life otherwise i don't think it would be too bright. I have also struggled to have children in the past i lost 4 babies and I call them my moon babies 😇 they just weren't meant to be i guess but they r with me and my beautiful boy everyday. I also lost my little boy at the time of his birth its was pretty traumatic birth but he came back to me after 6mins so i guess u could say he is also my angel baby. I'm so sorry to hear that you are struggling to conceive but yes the more u try for something the more it doesn't happen. You are doing the right thing by going with the flow everything in life happens for a reason and things eventuate when you least expect them. Always here if u need to chat big hugs sweety xx Venessa 😊

Community Member

Hi Paul,

Its great to hear from you and thank you for sharing your story.

As terrible as it sounds, its nice to know you're not alone. Its a terrible thing to suffer from and its crazy how our mind and body can create such thoughts and health symptoms.

Im still new to all of this and I just need to keep telling myself that I am stronger than I think and I will get through it. 😊

Community Member

Just recently i have overcome an issue that had been weighing me down for quiet some time.

I was bullied a lot through highschool and had been suffering from social anxiety for a long time. There was multiple issues at play, but i wont discuss them as i want to keep this fairly short.

I met a girl this past semester at university who made me realize i didn't have to be the way i was and showed me an acceptance that i hadn't felt in a long time. I decided to write her a note discussing my situation, my past and that she had helped me through a tough time, because i knew i couldn't tell her in person.

Later she thanked me for opening up to her, but i think i came across as weird or vulnerable, and she didn't keep in contact. Im sure it was more complicated than that, but i can understand from her point of view.

I feel bad that im not sure if i conveyed the level of gratitude i wanted or if she understands the impact she had on my life, but in the end i still have come out a much better person. I've began giving up the shy, introverted me and am beginning to finally get out and enjoy life and not let my past get me down.

I feel great, and am a much better person now than i have ever been. I now look at life with a much more positive perspective, and i think that's key in being happy and finding happiness.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Welcome Lind779!

The thing that drives me each day is forgiving myself for not being perfect. The other is patting myself on the back regularly for the amazing job I've done fighting this insidious health issue.

I come from a childhood and adolescence of sexual, psychological and physical abuse. Then my 2 yr old son was also sexually abused. I'm 56 now. The most recent abuse was bullying in the workplace (7yrs) and a dysfunctional relationship. My brain broke.

I remind myself when I remember, to recognise who I am now compared to who I was 'then'. I've shed so many layers and found solace here on BB with a community of people also in recovery.

I guess one of my ah-ha moments, was accepting I may not be able to rid myself of all symptoms. It's been difficult to face, yet somehow a burden off my shoulders.

I've come from psychosis, delusions, suicidal inclination and self harm - to well, none of that. My confidence is rising, my self value too. I've had the courage to self assess my behaviour and beliefs; this is hard!

I'm not symptom free, but I manage them with a great Treatment Plan and wonderful clinicians. I allow myself down days to stop and recharge the batteries by sleeping, resting or sitting on my deck...with no guilt. I cry without guilt too. This is important.

Cheers...Dizzy x

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Lind,

I think it's great to have some positive stories on here sometimes. I'm 25, a public health student from Sydney, been dealing with anxiety/depression since I was about 8 years old. Developed PTSD from a violent assault when I was 16 that left me with 7 broken ribs, a fractured skull and jaw and a broken ankle. Finished school and went to university interspersed with long periods of overseas travel. Was diagnosed with bipolar at 19, started using drugs quite heavily at 20, developed an addiction that lasted 3.5 years. Went to rehab in 2014 for a couple of months and have been clean since.

Since I stopped using drugs daily my life has improved so much, my conditions are much more manageable and I came out much wiser than most 25 year olds. I'm finishing my masters in public health at the moment, I volunteer at an organisation that collects food for the homeless from restaurants and cafes and distributes it, I have a dog and go to the gym a lot. Yeah, life is much more together and I'm always reminded that despite the trepidations of living with mental illness, I have the capacity to recover and maintain a good headspace as long as I put the effort in. Exercise, meditation, socialising, reading are all things I use to ensure I stay grounded.

Cheers, Pat.

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Kudos Pat!

What a great post! So young yet so together. I admire you for beating addiction and forging on with study.

Great job!

...Dizzy x