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what physical feelings of anxiety do you get?

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hey there, what physical symptoms of anxiety do you experience?

I often feel very alone in my experience of having physical chest (what I think are heart) spasms and was wanting to create a space for everyone to list their physical feelings that come hand in hand with anxiety so we can all feel less alone.

hope everyone is well.

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I tend to get flu-like symptoms. High temperature, sometimes my face is hot but body is cold and it upsets my skin, usually a rash or acne. I also have bad sinusitis from allergies and already live with a blocked nose but it gets worse when I'm stressed and I tend to get a dry nose and throat so it's blocked and dry at the same time. I also have a bad neck so it can affect that too. I'm 32 and my anxiety use to be worse when I was younger but I don't remember it affecting me too much physically. Takes its toll over time I guess

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My symptoms are random pains in my upper or lower abdomen, particularly under my ribs (either side), nausea and an itching/burning sensation in my arms and chest (sometimes also my legs and neck).

This has gone on for months now - some symptoms will go away for a while and return, but there is always one of the symptoms present.

I have always lived with anxiety, however, the physical symptoms are new and stem from stress about my work, marriage, children and my health. I convinced myself i had a life threatening illness, despite all tests showing me to be very healthy.

I am hoping to find some strategies to deal with my anxiety. I have started to see a psychologist, but i am not on medication.

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I’ve been struggling with anxiety for about 4 years now. Stemming from stress and many different childhood traumas and experiences I believe. I was pretty happy throughout school until university when my anxiety began to become noticeable. In 2020 I had my first panic attack and struggled very bad with my anxiety. Have been doing okay, getting through each day the past year and a bit but recently within the past week I can feel my anxiety starting to take over again, and feelings of being very overwhelmed. The physical symptoms I get are nausea, lightheaded, shortness of breath, uncontrollable shaking, headaches, and sometimes pain in my stomach. I am considering reaching out for help again as I don’t want it to get out of control again. I can feel myself starting to avoid responsibilities and isolating from those closest to me.

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I am suffering from Anxiety to the point that I cannot even go to the supermarket without having a panic attack.

I have a constant feeling like I have been drinking, like I am slightly tipsy. I get a dull aching pain in my arm and other days in my opposite leg. I have had full bloods. Nothing. I have been seeing a physio. Nothing. I have seen a chiropractor. Nothing. People are now telling me that it is the anxiety that makes me feel like this.

Can ANXIETY be in that much control of my body?

Hi Kat_Em. Definitely. You wouldn't believe what anxiety can do to you. I certainly didn't, and it took me more than 18 months to come to terms with the utter fear that was gripping me.

I don't post as much as I used to here as I kind of stopped caring about all of the physical symptoms that were happening. Some of them lasted for months and were quite debilitating, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, overactive bowels and bladders, fast heartrates, random pains, and a plethora of other things. Like you, to go to the supermarket was an achievement and sometimes I'd have to stop my shop because I could barely walk further.

I'm pleased to say I am much better now, and you will be too.

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I usually get shortness of breath, tremors/shaking hands, palpitations, fast heart rate, random sharp pains lasting 1-2 seconds and loss of appetite.

Anxiety, particularly health anxiety, is an on and off problem for me. I had an episode about 4-5 years ago, which I got over and I thought I was clear. However about 3 weeks ago I had a huge anxiety/panic attack that ended up with me going to the ER, and it's shook me ever since. I'm having a bunch of tests done at the moment, but I have to try really hard to put my mind at ease. It's not even easy writing all this out, but I just want to put this out there so maybe other people can relate and it can make them feel better.

Just today, I went for a walk/jog after having caffeine jitters from a really strong iced coffee (possibly a mixed up order since I wouldn't have ordered such a strong coffee.) I reckon my heart was racing for like 5 hours after the exercise, was seriously worried and I called about 3 different hotlines before deciding to calm myself down. Medication, hot tea, calming reiki music and a nice shower all seemed to have worked. I'm looking to book a psychologist soon, hopefully one will be available soon. I can imagine it's busy like literally everything else these days.

Sorry for the rant.

Thanks daftestpunk, can totally relate. My worst was truly frightening - shaking, fast heartrate, calling the few people that would talk to me, trying to calm my breathing.

There was a time in my early days of anxiety/panic where I did have to give up morning coffees because they were ruining me. I'd come in and sit at my work computer and sit there in absolute terror, so the coffee went for a while. But now I'm fine with it. I've also had times where eating certain kinds of foods would make my heart pound and I would have to lay down. I'm still kind of sensitive to things depending on my mood. I've declined meals with friends over the years because I knew I would be very jittery afterwards.

I gave up any sort of rigorous exercise for almost 3 years, the fear of an increased heartrate and pains utterly paralysed me until I just stopped caring.

There is comfort in the ritual of things for me when things get overwhelming. Usually I lay down on my bed, get a hot cup of herbal tea. Find a good Spotify playlist with relaxing music or meditation. I'll listen to my favourite radio show live or the podcast version. That's my happy place during the worst times.

Anxiety can have such a strong hold on our lives. Self-care also really helps to comfort me and like @bluemoonbluesky wrote - is my happy place during the worst times. The more I establish my self-care routine or the things that help me feel better I am noticing that my spirals are shorter than before or that I am able to pull out of them otherwise it can be very difficult not to just stay frozen for hours. We are not alone in our anxiety, when I read everyone's stories here my heart really goes out to everyone.

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this Is my first time on here and I’m hoping I may be able to get some clarity.

this has been on going ever since I got off bc and has been driving me absolute bonkers. I seem to have these brain waves, tightness in the face (which I have been told sinus however I’ve had this for the last 5 weeks) and a fair bit of pressure in my head all around my head. Not pain as such tho (except when I press on my temple or close to my eyes near the bridge of my nose.)

I recently have had issues with chest tightness and pain on the left side which I’ve had multiple blood tests and echos which all came back normal then all of a sudden I’ve had all this pressure in my head. Which I know it could just be anxiety as I have absolutely no family history of anything with brain problems.

ive been to the gp about this pressure and weird sensations however he just prescribed a nasal spray which I stopped after 6 days as it was causing more pressure then relieving. And told me to come back in a months time if my pressure is still persisting.

I guess where I’m getting at here is if anyone else has been experiencing these symptoms or if I should be demanding for more tests cause I’m at a lost on what I should be doing next.

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I came here to post the same thing! I've been experiencing a pressure feeling in my head also. Mainly at the back and top, I also get a feeling of squeezing like my head could pop! Like you, was told it is sinus related and have taken nasal sprays and rinse with no relief. Very difficult to stop the what if thoughts and brain tumour scenario. You aren't alone.