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This is my first step. Help?

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Hi whoever see's this.

So, I've never really done anything like this before. I've been struggling with this for a while now, but not really sure how to talk to people about it. I am 20 years old, currently studying to be a youth worker. When I was 16 and 17, I smoked alot of Marijuana, which, when I went cold turkey and quit, I had a first stage psychotic episode. After I was treated and came back to reality, I spoke with a counsellor for about 4 sessions and on the final one she told me I was back to normal and fine again. I was taken off the medication I was on and I have not encountered any symptoms directing to a Psychotic Episode again. However, since then I think I have struggled with anxiety. I'm scared to go back to a counsellor about mental health issues, because last time was such a crazy experience, I just don't want to be in that catogory again 😞 but I want help. It effects me in my studies, I've been making class presentations and doing role plays in front of our small lecture group and I get hot and cold flushes before standing up to talk, I get sweaty and can sometimes hear my heart beat. I hate it. This also happens at the strangest of times in public (check out registers, meetings, bumping into old friends). Also, I have become a very angry person at home with my parents. They will say something to me and it triggers off my anger and I snap, cry and go over the top yelling and my heart starts pounding and I can feel my body shaking and I get extremely anxious amidst my anger. I hate the person I am becoming. I'm also engaged to be married in December this year, the stresses of planning that, studying plus running my own business are all getting the better of me. My relationship with my family is crap and I don't feel like I can talk to them about this without them catagorizing me as being psychotic; Mum actually said something related to that the other day and I got very upset about it. Any advice or response would be great, I feel so down about it all.



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I had/Have Exactly the same thing, Weed is the worst thing for it i know you said that you used to smoke and i went through the exact same situation as you, i have been struggling with Anxiety for about 15 years now and it feels like the worst thing to live with, Exercise, Not drinking (hang overs are the worst of anxiety) meditation. and also look in to CBT  (cognitive behavior therapy) That did work for me....Also after all these years just talking your self out of it does help.

Sorry i cant be more of use!! 

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Hi Emily

I have had similar experiences with anxiety brought on by marajuana use as a teen. I have read and am continuing to read a book which is about the CBT as mentioned by Shifte. If you look up "Change Your Thinking" on google you should find it. It was reccomended to a friend of mind by a counsellor and I have found it very useful aswell. It was about $30 and was just at my local bookshop.

Best wishes