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Social anxiety

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gosh I am so sick of having this horrible feeling that if I leave the house something bad, embarrassing is going to happen to me. Like people are going to judge me and laugh at me.
I just wanted to take my dog for a walk and my anxiety today was through the roof… I feel like every day it’s a constant battle with myself and my own brain, to do the most simple things in life such as walking my dog on a beautiful day.
My brain gives me this idea: “it’s a beautiful day to walk your dog go outside”

also my brain:”no don’t go it’s not safe! People will judge you, what if something bad happens to your dog or you? It’s safer to stay at home!”

me after deciding to stay at home coz I’m sick and tired of battling with my anxiety… my brain at the end of the day:” wow you are so lazy and unproductive, why didn’t you take the dog for a walk the poor thing probably wanted to get out today you are such a loser”

UGHHHHH Im so sick of my own self like stop, every single day is a battle why does it have to be so hard.
some days are definitely easier than others, but today sucked.

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Blueebird,

Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear that it’s been tough lately.

I can definitely relate with what you are going through. I too have the same thought processes – its nice outside, I don’t want to miss out - but my anxiety forces me in and I feel like I’m not living life properly because of it.
Try to remember to be compassionate with yourself, it’s okay if you were too anxious today…some days are better than others as you say and even doing something really small like sitting out in the sun if you have a place in your house to do that means you can still enjoy some sunshine.

But I do understand how over it you can feel, how sick of the constant battle with your mind that doesn’t leave you alone – you go out your mind makes you feel anxious – you stay in you punish yourself for not being productive….

I wonder if you have tried any mindfulness techniques? – that really helped me a lot, separating yourself from your thoughts and getting that distance from your mind and what it’s telling you.

Just take each day as it comes and know you are doing your best. We all are.

If its some comfort, this doesn’t have to go on forever. You will get better, its just about getting the right help and finding the right strategies that work for you.

Remember how strong and resilient you have been so far in your life.

Happy to chat.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi BlueeBird,

I know how you feel. Someone looks in your direction, and your brain immediately thinks the worst, and that they think you're ugly or weird. And the anxiety is simply too much to justify leaving your house for the most simplest of reasons - shopping, going for a walk, whatever it may be. Social anxiety manifests itself throughout all aspects of your life and makes everything incredibly hard. It becomes very easy to punish yourself for "not being competent" or being unable to go outside, not being productive enough.

Just know that people here feel your pain as well. Potentially, even the people that you fear are judging you - they may be thinking the same thoughts as you and share the same fears.

I'm proud of you for the times that you do get outside and walk your dog, or whatever it is you want to do that your brain stops you from doing. It may have been hard and you mightn't have enjoyed it, but you did it none the less. And that's what's important and something to be really proud of, even if you don't see it that way right now.

Have you ever received support for managing your anxiety?