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Severe anxiety

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I saw my psychologist for the first time the other day and walked in feeling good and walked out feeling good. I'm looking forward to recovery. I did a quick survey and I have severe anxiety and moderate depression.

I have a lot of physical symptoms. How will these physical symptoms go away? I feel like shit a lot and im over it. Does medication help reduce these symptoms? I have at least 20 different symptoms going on and maybe half are physical.

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Hey Lissy ....

What you state about feeling like shit a lot and over it is exactly like me. I never know how I am gonna feel from one friggen hour to the next. I get a lot of vertigo or feeling like I am going to pass out just out of the blue. I could wake up feeling great..then bang feel like all I wanna do is lay on the friggen couch all day........or go for a walk feeling ok and bang feel like im gonna drop........... they say it is anxiety.......I don't get it....nothing seems to trigger it.......... The other night sitting at dinner with great friends really enjoying myself and bang happens again... Wish I could identify the trigger so I could avoid it .................dunno...seeing a psych soon ....but just started medication two weeks ago and not sure what are bloody side effects or so called anxiety.............. all the best.....


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Lissy

I've just come back from my second session with the psychologist, and I too am feeling very positive about recovery. I suffer from moderate anxiety with the occasional panic attack thrown in for good measure. It sounds like you have a great attitude to your treatment, which by itself should be very helpful in managing anxiety.

In my experience, anxiety seems to create a lot of physical symptoms which often lead me to ask myself the question "Is that just anxiety, or am I coming down with something?" I usually put it down to anxiety, since I don't get "sick" that often ... all my recent sick days have been anxiety related. Some of my symptoms include a knot in the chest, cold sweats, neck ache, increased heartbeat, slight nausea and fatigue.

Just on the fatigue issue (and perhaps blackecho can relate...) I find that severe anxiety can be very mentally and emotionally draining. If I don't get enough sleep, I become more vulnerable to anxiety and less able to function (or I convince myself that I can't function). The only way to get on top of that one (apart from getting more sleep if possible), is to force myself to get some exercise, even if it's just a quick walk around the block.

All the best to both of you.