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Hi Everyone,

Here are some ideas for helping you manage symptoms of anxiety. Feel free to add to the list, or let us know what works for you...

Mindfulness – Grounding exercises: noticing your environment, bodily sensations, and breath

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Creating a Tension and Release effect with all the muscles in the body

Opposite Actions – By listening to calming music, taking a walk, talking, enjoying sunshine

Safe Place Mental Imagery – Visualising a place where you can go in your mind to feel safe

Calming Affirmations – To help recognise that the moment of panic will pass

Exercise – A valuable way to exhaust excess adrenalin built up in the body


[Moderator's note: this thread is for sharing what has worked for you to manage your anxiety. If you need support to manage your anxiety and would like to discuss this with the community, please start a new thread.

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I just came back from a walk along the ocean front and did deep breathing gazing at the blue waves, seagulls flocking around me - brilliant winter sunshine, "talked" to a dear friend who died nearly a year ago.....when she first passed, she often spoke to me there - I like to think she still hears me and I can hear her replies as clear as a bell - as if she were walking there beside me - I find it comforting, even if it isn't true and I'm kidding myself.......I find it comforting to imagine her talking to me and saying just the right thing.

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Hi everyone, just a reminder that this a thread for posting your self-help tips on managing anxiety, so we've had to edit and remove some off-topic posts in here this morning. People coming into this thread will be expecting to find examples of tips that others have used to manage their anxiety, if you have a question about your anxiety or want to discuss your own situation in more detail then please start a new thread. Thanks!

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Blue Voices Member

My anxiety is so off and on. One minute i'm tackling the world, the next minute i'm get afraid to go out and do the things I love. So to cope with the ups and downs here's a few things that really work for me:

Acceptance - acknowledge, accept and challenge uncomfortable feelings or unwanted thoughts as fighting them will only make your symptoms worse. One day they just won't matter at all.

Reflection - take some time out of your day to look at your anxiety and understand it. I realised it wasn't the big, scary monster I perceived it to be. Writing your feelings, thoughts and experiences during moments of setback can be a real eye opener on how really bad your symptoms are.

Time - devote a portion of your day to both relax and spend time with your anxiety. Listening to calm music, walks and meditation are great ways to do both.

Support - parents, friends, gp, therapy, uni societies, co workers - whatever! - are great ways to move on from your anxious symptoms and help you get back on your feet in the darkest of moments.

Really hope this helps! :))


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HI everyone

Here are the ways that I found useful in helping with my anxiety

1/Talk to others that are supportive on what you are going through especially if they have dealt with it personally and have got through it

2/Spend time playing with a pet.Their unconditional love can be a great comfort

3/Walk everyday for a minimum period and try to focus on things around you rather than how you feel

4/Take up something new ( I took up guitar a year ago and love practicing every night)

5/Get a fitbit and have a steps goal and focus on achieving this no matter how bad you feel.Meeting a goal is a great mood booster.

6/I step on the spot humming tunes ( I hum because my singing is not good )

7/ Use distraction.I liked gardening and doing dishes or preparing the evening meal

8/I found a heated wheatbag on my tummy very comforting.I even did it under the desk when seeing clients !

9/One thing I found very useful was to Just Focus on Today.Do not let your mind go to worrying about what tomorrow will be like or when you will feel "normal" again.It will happen in time but concentrating on just today seems to limit the potential anxiety.

I hope these tips help someone else.Many tips I have read about in books did not help me but the more you hear about the more you can try and discover which are best for you.

Best wishes from Rick (Fozzy)

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Anxiety can be disabling, making it hard to do the smallest tasks.

A few things that can help lessen anxiety, even if it's momentary, is to breathe.

As trivial as it sounds, taking out 10 seconds from the anxiety inducing situation to breathe can help you gain clarity in your mind and see that the situation may not be as bad as you initially thought.

It's important to know that you are not alone in these situations and there are many other people who are going through the same thing.

If anyone else has any suggestions on how to deal with anxiety, please respond.

I look forward to your responses 🙂

- Alison, Not so 'mental'

I find Eckhart Tolle very helpful. He has become big business now but dont be put off by that. Just read Power of Now or one of his other works or watch on you tube. He sufferred terribly on the verge of suicide when he had an amazing breakthrough. Hes a humble chap and very sweet. Give him a try he is wonderful for mindfulness and meditation. He was in the bad place and broke through. Dont buy into the product bs you can access him free on you tube. I send my thanks and gratitude to all of you. Nice not to feel so alone any more.

Hi Alison,

I have reducing anxiety and had a lot of depression. Attempted to take my life once. I have been on a variety of medications and prescription drugs as well. Goes Ok for a few weeks and then gets worse again during the taking of medications. Medications also have the habit of calming me but in the process also make it so I have little energy to do the things I need to do. I then get angry, frustrated and super tense that I am not capable and hence make things worse.

A friend who had similar issues is now bright and bubbly. I said to her that she is so bright and bubbly and full of energy. It is hard to believe she was in a anxiety and depressionary situation.

Play indoor soccer 3 times a week at 60 yrs of age. I also eat raw organic foods as well. 

I hope the above advice will pass the moderators as this has been very life changing for my wife and I.


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The books by ruby wax called frazzled and sane new world are good for learning about mindfulness. I have just suffered my first really anxious period in years and i find trying mindfulness at least seems to be helping. Not good at it yet but trying

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1) avoid songs that might sound nice but are actually depressing foe ex.adel some one like you or some james blunt songs except bomb fire heart.so positive music.

2)when i drive the car i can do so and day dream,so i can drive and thing bad things too.not on a motorbike,some thing kicks in that i become completely fearless and focus't that the world and all its crap disapearse from my mind.

3)avoid as much as possible watching the news.

4)watch comedy.

5)watch action and thriller movies

6)mostly im scared of my own shadow,so before i walk out the door i act the part and tell my self in my mind:

im hansom, im tough,im an above average person and i don't give a f... .i think of some thing funny to from a comedy show so i look happy too.i think all this because if i look like a miserable scared lamb some wolf could eat me.

there are other things to but all ready mentioned here.i wish good luck to you all.

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Blue Voices Member

Good one dueb,

I have stopped reading newspapers and watching the news. Instead we watch game shows at dinner time and the kids and i play. I watch light sitcoms Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Bang Theory and light hearted movies.

I also try and tell myself i don't give a f.... It works when i feel well lol.

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