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Positive stories about starting medication

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Hello everyone, after many years of suffering with GAD I've decided to try medication which I feel really positive about but I am also really nervous about the initial side effects, especially because I have a really busy life and have a child plus work full time. I'm concerned that I will really struggle for a few weeks and won't be able to go about my daily duties. Was there anything that helped get you through the intial weeks of taking medication and could you please share your positive stories ? Thanks 🙂

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey friend. It’s important to understand our thinking, and thoughts that we have, the words we speak and what we think is what we become and attract.

the brain follows the mind, meaning you can control your biochemistry with your well being ect.

sometimes when we fear the symptoms of something that hasn’t happened yet, we infact we create the side effects.

any tips, our enviroment plays a big part in how we feel, we can excersise daily to release good chemicals, we can write in our journals or pc journal, when we reflect it helps us take time out of our lives.

a beautiful book to read is by eckhart tolle called the power of now. It’s life changing.

hope this helps. General anxiety is from chronic thoughts that we tell ourselves, our thoughts create our feeling in our body. And so anxiety is a story. And it’s important to always treat the cause of what’s causing it rather then trying to fix symptoms.

sometimes we have been raised in a negative enviroment, and sometimes most people are not aware of their thoughts.

the book will help you tremendously. Sometimes we have to slow down and it also can help us be more productive with our time.

Also focus on other people, focus on making other people smile, random acts of kindness this is how we feel great in a short period of time

Also focus on gratitude, gratitude shifts our mindset from anxiety to calmness.

hope this helps, I know how destructive anxiety can be, and I’ve overcame my severe anxiety conditions.

so the power of now, and also new earth by eckhart tolle, also the untethered soul by Michael singer is great, read them multiple times. These books transform us and explains how we infact create our life and how worry and self doubt can be overcome.

bless you and keep on keeping on, don’t think about the side effects. You’ll be ok. And if it’s not right for you the medication then try others.

Anxiety and depression are not who we are, it’s not permanent, and it can be changed. It’s very possible to never have anxiety again, it’s not a easy journey but it’s so worth it

Thank you so much for all of this insightful information! I actually have that book but I've never read it. You've inspired me to read it. Out of curiosity did you manage to master your anxiety without medication? I'm always interested to hear other people's stories.

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I started medication several years ago for GAD. It had the desired effect and helped reduce my anxiety along with CBT.

I had a psychiatrist overseeing the medication. They are more highly training in this area than a GP. The medication I took was the same as someone else in my family so we had a good starting point. The dosage was increased very slowly to reduce the side effects. I wasn’t in a desperate state so this was possible. It reduced the feelings of anxiety and allowed me to work with CDT more easily.

I was only on the medication for a few months but it helped.

The only downside I remember was headaches if I missed a dose or if we were changing the strength of the dose up or down.

I continued with CBT after the medication

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Hey Alot. I too am suffering from GAD but more specifically health anxiety. I have tried and tried to avoid medication and I have been determined that I can outsmart this anxiety beast. Unfortunately, it is a fight I don’t seem to be winning and the gloomy winter weather is making things all that much tougher for me. I have had my script for meds filled and I keep looking at it thinking the same thing….what about the side effects? What if it makes me feel like a zomby? What if I can never get off it? Yet, I feel I am getting closer and closer to having a go to see if it helps. Have you started taking yours yet? If so, how have you been going with it?

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My sister and I both started antidepressants (for anxiety) within a day of each other. It was completely coincidental, and it was only by reaching out for support that we realised we started at the same time!

She had barely any symptoms in the first weeks, or even at all. I had nausea and an upset belly and some lower moods (lower than normal) but at around the 2-3 week mark, everything just felt like someone had clicked the 'reset' button and life was great!

The biggest suggestion is to try not to worry about the symptoms. You could be lucky and have no side effects, you could get many. By having a Dr/Psychiatrist involved you can stop and change medications if one doesnt work.

I have since weaned but I do often wish I was still taking medication as my anxiety peaks at times. The medication was a huge benefit for me!