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does anyone feel paranoid when anxious? everyone is looking at you or talking about you.


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Hi, welcome 


Paranoia,  something I experienced for about 10 months in 1987, is basically over focus on injustice or what could prove harmful. Such reactions are understandable, as we battle silent whispers or beauocracy.  However,  it can lead to mental health issues and a need for therapy and listening to reason.


My therapist realised I had to ask myself "am I being realistic". 


Eg if you assume something then only rely on evidence. A group of people might look in your direction but is not hard evidence they talk I'll of you. I thought that once and in fact they were talking about me but singing my praises.


Paranoia develops at times through bad feelings or experiences.  Try to stick to real thoughts and no assumptions..


Hope that helps if not see you GP.



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yes!! All the time. It is horrible

It is indeed John. Such is linked heavily to anxiety which is more serious than people give credit to. After that therapy it took me many years to overcome it through various means, no one bandaid will overcome it.


Below is a link to how I eliminated it. Hope it works for you.





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Yes, I feel this and I don't like it. 

Hi Mitchell,


Life throws things at us all the time. Some people allow them to fly by and not be worried and others more sensitive or prone to anxiety allow it to effect us. If you are the latter then only paying attention to the problem and acting on it will eventually solve it.


If you need more guidance about it then by all means reply and we can expand on it.


Thanks  TonyWK