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OCD thoughts

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Does anyone else with OCD/Anxiety sometimes not remember if something happened or didn't?

I get anxious over old conversations and scenarios from the past but then sometimes I create things in my head and I can't remember if they happened or not but 9 times out of 10 they didn't. The reason I cannot remember whether they happened or not is cause they didn't at all. For example did I repeat something to someone that I wasn't supposed to? It kills me cause I keep racking my brain trying to figure out whether it happened but I can never come to a conclusion.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

dear Dimi, welcome to the forum and posing a question from which concerns you.

Can I suggest firstly that people who have OCD, like I do, imagine for example that their hands are always dirty and then have to keep washing them, however with a situation you are worried about, we can create a scenario in our mind that OCD makes us believe it has happened, and there are many times when you have to ask someone whether or not it actually happened.

It's one of the pitfalls that this illness does to us, so how can we overcome this, well psychologists might have different views on this, all each to their own, with different ways to help you, but now after 54 years of having this disease, I plod on, although I take medication which is supposed to help my OCD, maybe it has, but I still do these habits and rituals.

I did have a psychologist who I only saw a couple of times, who kept on asking me 'why do I do them, can't you stop doing them, try hard and you will be able to', I walked out. Geoff.

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Hi dimi

I too have been diagnosed with anxiety and OCD.  I recently had a situation in which I truly believed happened which heightened my anxiety and I was constantly looking for reassurance from people.  Whilst I see a psychiatrist and am using medication I also did a CBT program which helped me a lot.  Now I find myself using my relaxation techniques and Some CBT techniques that I have created for different scenarios that I may come up against.