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Ocd:lack of self care/hygeine:It has a name

Beyond Blue Staff
Beyond Blue Staff
Originally posted by: Chris on 3 March 2013

I discovered this over the weekend that the version of ocd thats been affecting me actually has a name.Its called: Functional Impairment.It just means your ability to take of your everyday groooming and hygiene needs are getting done.The ocd has prevented you from doing anything that you after you get out of bed to the moment you leave your home.Anything and everything can be affected.Trimming your hair,trimming your finger nails and toenails,shaving,brushing your teeth,showering,etc. I'm trying to find other who have this problem so I can offer them support. Chris.
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Thanks for the response, it does help to know that I am not alone. I am fortunate enough to have a loving boyfriend who is very supportive and encouraging. I went to see the psychologist on Saturday and she was able to recommend a few OCD specialists. I feel uncomfortable about venturing into unfamiliar surroundings. I feel that slowly but surely things will improve, I am always trying to break habits and compulsions. Some days are harder than others. I think I make myself worse sometimes because I know I can't afford to take weeks off work so I feel anxious because I'm trying to rush the process as a result I stress myself out more. Such a vicious cycle.

I'm curious about self help methods used, anything anyone can recommend?