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need someone to talk to

Community Member

hi everyone.

just found out the place of work may be sold in a few months and may be out of work and am a bit concerned because while am getting centrelink am not going to be able to live off just that.

many of you know the place of work had been put on market a while ago? found out today 20/6 that it may be sold in a few months and unless something else is found am going to be getting less money and just cant afford to not work.

it is sad but can understand why owners have put it on market, they been doing 7 day weeks for 15 years and its time has come.

reason for staying is because there currently wasnt any other option plus because of the owners and now that it may be sold in a few months am racing to work something out because it may be sold depending on decision.

just want the problems sorted and to go away and to get money ontop of centrelink.

was planning for this to happen in next couple years and to hopefully be out in next few years but it was a bit too soon and unexpected and now trying to work out something for someone with mild disability.

am hoping to reach out on here for someone to talk to.


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Community Champion
Community Champion

hello. I think this the first post I have seen from you. Finding out a business is being sold can create so many questions, and perhaps far too many to write here. And as easy as it is to say something like the serenity prayer, and knowing this is something outside of your control does not make it any easier.

Personally, i have been through your situation twice and it wasn't nice.

I don't know what sort of job it was (/is) or whether any of the skills can be transferred or not.

Nor can I shine a light onto what might happen. Are there any/other/similar opportunities in your area?

Regardless, I am listening if you want to chat.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello car10001, it is disappointing when you are the worker and have no say in it being sold, but understand it's the owners decision.

There could be a high chance they may want to keep you employed and shouldn't dismiss this as probable.

One thing I would do is to get 'references' from those who you feel are relevant and would provide a good opening for another job.

When companies are sold they may want to keep the current staff, but please get those references before it's sold.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi car10001,

Sorry to read about the situation you are finding yourself in. Do you know if the work place is offering any kind of support or strategies for staff moving forward if the business is sold?

Are there employment agencies near you where you can put your name down for possible positions relating to your current work?

I'm not sure if someone at Centrelink may be able to assist you in how to move forward from here. Maybe they have a counselling type person who could assist with your concerns?

Are there co workers you can talk to about your feelings? How are they coping with this situation?

Hope you find some solutions!