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Need some information.............

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I was diagnosed over two years ago with anxiety/post traumatic stress after a close call with death. I had a few panic attacks but with the help of a great GP nipped it in the bud pretty quickly with some anti depressants/psychologist. I was able to get off the antis and coped pretty well but have developed a fear of ageing or more so become incapacated in some way. Anyways about a  year ago I started feeling faint/weak/dizzy/off balance feelings on and off but became nearly 24/7 feeling like I had just come off a merry go round.  I was tested for BVVP ..ear stuff but this all seemed  ok although I did get tinnitus Was also tested for heart stuff and all good too. I was actually told this is all caused by anxiety. I managed to beat it again but seems in the last few months to   have come back. I don't have any heart pounding....tight chest etc.....I also have been told I have the fight/flight response.  Do these sound like symptoms of anxiety?
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Hey Scotty

thanks for that ...............yeah its a pain in the proverbial.....I could be feeling perfectly ok...standing having a conversation or walking somewhere out of the blue ...feel like I am going to pass out .................ridiculous.... comes and goes but sometimes to the point I feel like I have knocked back a few too many beers ........... and the fact I never know when its gonna happen puts me on edge all the time ........

All the best