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Need help with anxiety

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Hi again,

My anxiety has been really bad these days. My heart rate is higher than usual, and when I stand it feels like the ground is moving. I can't stop checking my heart rate and can't sleep or focus. I feel like I'm trembling constantly and my head feels like it's pulsating. Is this normal? I can't stop thinking there's something wrong with me physically and I'm scared

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Sorry you struggling with this. Always get any new symptoms checked with your doctor but if it’s any reassurance I suffer with severe anxiety and suffer with racing heart and trembling . My resting heart rate at the moment is 110. It’s all part of anxiety I guess. The more we just ‘accept’ the feelings as anxiety the easier it gets though and they generally settle eventually.
You are certainly not alone xx

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Community Champion

Hi loveyourself9,

Sorry you are feeling this way.

Anxiety can affect us in many ways , I went through severe anxiety and had many symptoms that were associated with it.

I highly recommend you make an appointment with your gp and talk about the way you are feeling.

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