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muscle and joint pain caused by stress and anxiety?

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I believe this has been covered before. But as I am currently very anxious and stressed I just want to try and connect with people who may have experienced this themselves.

Ever since a friend of mine told me they were unwell and have had some blood tests, I have felt intense stress and anxiety that something may be wrong with them. They still haven't received the results.

Since they told me they were going to the doctor, I have been experiencing the following:

  • Muscle pain and spasms (moves around my body)
  • Joint pain (moves around my body)
  • racing heart
  • tingling feelings in hands and toes.

I find it gets worse as they day goes on.

I remember feeling similar symptoms when I was waiting on blood results last year. I don't remember it being as bad as this (or maybe I just don't remember).

Is this relatable at all to anyone else out there?

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mmmhmmm! yes yes yes!

Try some nice deep belly breathing in through your nose and out through your nose for a nice slow count of 3 in and 4 out. Also try to do some gentle stretching to relieve the tension you're probably holding without realising it.

Very normal anxious response. You're among many who are familiar with these feelings - so welcome šŸ™‚

That makes me feel a bit better. Thank you šŸ™‚

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Hello, just reaching out to see how you are with your symptoms. I can relate. Currently experiencing tingling in hands and feet, super sore calves and forearms (although sore in back and neck too) as though I've been exercising for hours on end. Occasional shooting pains through muscles. I've had a very stressful past 12 months so I guess this is my body's fight/flight response?? I hope you are feeling better.

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Hi 40notFound

Sorry to hear your worry for your friend is causing so much challenge for you. You sound like a very sensitive thoughtful person. Your friend is lucky to have someone so sensitive in their life.

From personal experience, I find stress causes a noticeable ramp up in energy which I definitely feel at times, especially regarding the heart. If I don't work it out, it starts to manifest as physical tension. Some ways to work it out may involve massage, breathing exercises and stretching (as Katy suggested), talking it out (aka venting constructively), meditating on relaxing the body and so on. Some people find it helpful to undertake sensory exercises to ground them out of stress. Being fully invested in these exercises (involving sight, sound, smell, touch, hearing) brings their attention into the moment and out of future or past worry. I know, easier said than done. A sensational bath at night by candle light (with scented candles) is a good therapy.

I know this is going to sound a bit trippy but the first thing I do in the morning involves working up my energy. I'll do this through stretching and meditating on my feet and hands until I can feel them buzzing/tingling. Another thing involves rubbing my hands together. You notice people will naturally do this a lot of the time without even realising, when they're trying to work up to doing something, getting themselves motivated. Another thing people may tend to do, in order to get a bit of energy going when they've been sitting down, is stamp their feet. So the feet and hands tend to be a starting point to work up for some folk. Sounds weird but because you're already packed with the energy that can come with stress, you may naturally be feeling 'the buzz' some people look for.

Observing how our body is interacting with our mind is an interesting process. While at times, we can be left feeling helpless as our mind seemingly takes over, looking to the body as a gauge regarding dis-ease (unease) or wellness means we can develop physical ways/exercises for managing our mind, in order to change it or maintain it.

I hope everything works out well for your friend. Again, they are lucky to have you in their life. Maybe you could consider practicing some relaxation techniques with them if they're feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

Take care šŸ™‚

Hey everyone Iā€™m currently getting joint and muscle pain as well as tingling in arms and feet. Of the last few days I have had my eyes twitch as well. Is this all signs of anxiety

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I can say from personal experience that all of these are symptoms of anxiety and stress. I've experienced every single one of the symptoms you described due to my anxiety and subsequent stress caused by my anxiety.

I found that a video called 'The Symptoms of Health Anxiety' by 'The Anxiety Guy' on YouTube really helped. He talks about all the symptoms he experienced due to his health anxiety, and I think you'll quickly find that he describes everything you've experienced and more and that it was all caused by his anxiety. It gave me a huge sense of relief knowing that these symptoms I was experiencing were due to anxiety and nothing serious.

I personally went to my local doctors a good 30-40 times in under a year all because of all these different symptoms I experienced that were caused by my anxiety and stress, but guess what? Out of all those visits, not a single thing ended up being wrong with me. I could have sworn at the time of experiencing the symptoms that something was for sure wrong with me, but nope, all anxiety and stress. It's both amazing and frightening what your brain can trick you into experiencing.

Anyways, to answer your question, yes, I relate to all of those symptoms you described and am confident they are just stress/anxiety-related symptoms.

All the best.

Hey Greeny,
The sensations you're experiencing are signs of anxiety... but since you mention the eye twitching, I wonder if you're body may be low on magnesium? I had the eye twitches recently and after increasing my dose of magnesium for a couple days it went away. Hope this helps:)

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Hello. Your feelings are completely normal. I hope it's just a worry and it should pass soon.

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Wow things seem to happen for a reason.

today 1Nov 2021 visited my doctor re. all that others have posted over time.

Have lived with joint pain all though my body for many years I am 70 and today I was put on new medication.

So I look forward to seeing if this helps.

please remember never give up, the pain is real on matter what the cause and now my doctor of long-standing, has finally seen my pain.

So my next month should hopefully improve. Will keep you posted.

strength, peace&love KAZ.