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Medical anxiety

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Hi all,

I suffer from extreme medical anxiety in large part at least due to 2 significant medical issues I’ve had in my past where I was only diagnosed and treated thanks to advocating strongly for myself. Both the issues were resolved through major surgery, the last being about 10 mths ago. My trust in doctors is now low as a result and my belief that all symptoms point to something terrible is high. I am seeing a therapist as I can’t function falling in a heap at every symptom. As of a few weeks ago, I developed a tremor, mostly an intentional one (when moving) but I also have a general buzzing throughout my body. I’ve had a brain mri (clear) and I’m seeing a neurologist who doesn’t think there is anything terribly dire causing it. This is of course little comfort to me. I’m finding that I’m struggling distinguishing now between tremor that is normal for everyone and tremor that isn’t. I know that the shaking I get currently when I reach for a cup of coffee for instance is not normal and needs to be investigated further. However for example, my eyelids shake rapidly if I squeeze my eyes shut tight. Does this happen to others or is this part of whatever my current issue is? My teeth also mildly chatter when I place top and bottom together in a somewhat unnatural way. Would this be part of what I’ve got going on or would I have had this even before? Anyone else have this? Thank you for reading. I’m so tired of this stress and uncertainty.

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Dear AnxiousSara,

  Firstly, welcome to the forums we are so glad that you found your way to this supportive and welcoming community. We hope that you find ideas, options and support from the shared experiences and knowledge of all our members. This is a safe space to share and express your own feelings, struggles and experiences without judgement.

Sophie M

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi AnxiousSara,

Wellcome to our forums.

Im sorry you are feeling this way I understand medical anxiety can be really hard to deal with.

When we have been through something major we seem to question our symptoms more. It’s hard……

I also went through medical anxiety it was difficult I’d constantly obsess over symptoms and have everything checked only to be told everything was ok….

I actually thought I was going crazy with all of the craziness going on inside my head….. I had a MRI to try to see if there was something wrong with my brain but it was all clear………..

For me my anxiety was causing all of my worries my health anxiety kept going and then later turned to other distressing thoughts I was diagnosed with OCD it’s a anxiety disorder.

Ive now recovered from this condition thanks to the help I received from health professionals.

Im sorry you are worrying and have so much uncertainty…… keep working with your therapist……..

I understand how debilitating this all can be….

Hang in there

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello AnxiousSara, I'm sorry you are frightened of being like how you feel, and there are times when we are scared of what disgnosis the doctor has to give us, but having a tremor in any circumstance is not pleasant at all, especially when you have to move.

A therapist can be seen as a friend who you can talk with, without any criticism and will be able to guide you, rather than being a doctor, someone you can utilise with establishing some confidence.

Best wishes.