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I have extreme astraphobia (fear of thunder & lightening)

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I have extreme astraphobia (fear of thunder & lightening), theres a thunderstorm at the moment and im like deathly afraid of thunder and lightening so im listening to music which is turned all the way up and i have all my blinds closed and all my lights turned on... i really want to get over this fear because its really ridiculous, i cancel plans if there is a storm coming and im always checking the weather. I dont want to be scared but i cant help it, ive had this fear since i was little (im turning 19 next month like its gone on for way too long) and im over it. Is there any way to get over this other than like therapy? and does anyone feel the same or am i not normal? Everyones always telling me how crazy i am because of this.

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Hey sanmmi,

First thing I want to say is that you are not crazy. While I am not a professional, it does sound like what you're experiencing is some sort of specific phobia. The Beyond Blue website has some information here including possible treatments:

May I ask why you would prefer not to use therapy? Psychological treatments are generally the main ones used in my experience and I am curious if you have any concerns regarding this.

Take care.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Sanmmi,

I agree with LimeGreenTea, you are not crazy. There are a lot of phobias out there and it is really normal to be scared of thunderstorms and lighting. I understand that this must be really difficult for you to live with though. Especially having to constantly check the weather.

I have a phobia of cockroaches. I hate them and I used to be fanatic about using bug barrier spray and cockroach baits. If I see one I freak out completely. I couldn't leave any food out or any crumbs around because it might attract them. I know they can't actually hurt me, but it doesn't matter to my brain!

I found once I started on my anxiety medication (which I am prescribed for a long term anxiety disorder) I stopped focusing on my fear so much and stopped worrying about it. I still get scared if I see one, but I don't worry about them if I can't see them.

Therapy can be really useful, but I understand it can be difficult because you have to talk about your phobia which can be hard. Have you tried talking to a health professional about your phobia before?

Kind thoughts, Jess

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Blue Voices Member

Hello sanmmi

LimeGreenTea and jess334 have provided super caring support above

As LGT and jess mentioned above...you are not crazy! A phobia is just a reaction/ thought to anything

May I make a suggestion...even just for home....My mum also has the same phobia and uses 'Noise Cancelling headphones' If memory serves.. Sony have two types of noise cancelling headphones on the market

They are designed for audio enthusiasts yet...people do use them to help them block out noise that makes them anxious...some for thunderstorms....some use them to block the noise of aircraft engines during take off

If you Google 'Sony Noise cancelling headphones' they will come up

any questions are always welcome sanmmi πŸ™‚ Great to have you with us on the forums!


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I am so glad i I not the only one.

I have such an extreme fear I just had a baby and need to not have a panic attack when it storms so I started seeing somebody and taking anxiety meds, it does not help , not yet anyway.

My partner is so supporting but the only person who makes me feel better is my mum so when she's she's work or just not available it's almost impossible to calm the panic attacks.

If you find any help please send it my way! There's a storm tomorrow night and I'm pre planning my freak out and have my mum ready to come round πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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Ear plugs can be made by a registered audiologist. Impressions are taken and an earplug specific to your ear shape is made, most likely using silicone. It works so well. Over-the-counter plugs don’t work for thunder. I also use Bluetooth headphones on top of these to listen to music, books or take phone calls. Brilliant solution. Anxiety meds are so addictive and could possibly be avoided using the above technique. Good luck.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thanks to Muchado, I have seen your post, Sammi, & it's been almost a year & a half since your post.

So I'd like to check in on you. How are you going? & have you found some more help?


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Tizzyyyy, & welcome to the forum! I'm sorry I missed you earlier.

How long have you been seeing someone to help you with your phobia? I gather you have only recently begun with the medication. Did you discuss what to expect, possible side effects, short or long term, & how it may be weeks before you notice them working?

Kind regards,