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For the last few days I have been suffering headaches on and off. Is this something anyone else suffers while having anxiety? This is new for me and just curious
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I have suffered from tension headaches in the past when I overthink, worry, and stress too much.
Do you drink enough water . I know if I get hydrated I get headaches.

I try to keep notes looking at what happens before the headaches so you can see if there is a pattern.

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Hi there,

Anxiety and stress can definitely cause headaches! But so can a lot of other things (e.g. dehydration, sleep deprivation, too much screen time etc.) so as quirky words suggested I would take note of if you have felt anxious or stressed around the time the headache started!

I hope you figure it out,


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Hey Glenn,

I find that when I am under a lot of stress like about to take an exam or even something that makes me sad I get headaches. Like the others have said, you can always try to counteract this with staying hydrated and many other basic things to combat dehydration.

If it has been continuing, is there anything on you mind that may be troubling you?

Stay well!!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi there Glenncoco88 and thanks for your post!

Yes it is very true as per the other responses, that stress and dehydration cause headaches.

I'd like to add one more thing if I may, to do with relaxing your way out of the headache. I suggested this in another post I wrote and would like to repeat some of it here as it is very relevant.

I wonder what it is that might be causing your unease or uncertainty?

If you are able to perhaps come close to identifying what it is and share it with us, we may be able to help a little bit. It matters not how trivial any issue may seem, if it bothers you it is able to be discussed.

When I was hit by anxiety over the years I found a song that really helped me. Its the old Doris Day song called 'Ke Sera Sera, what ever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see etc'. By using the words for the chorus and singing them to myself over and over like a kind of mantra, it seemed to work like meditation.
I always feel calmer after this song as it sticks in my brain and I hum it for ages.

Yep the song might be just a touch corny, but respect it and try to make it your friend.

We can't really control the future, but can prepare better for whatever might happen by relaxing into it and taking an 'If it happens, it happens' type of approach.

After all, what's the worst that can happen? life goes on and there is every chance you will look back on this in time to come and see it at a learning experience, a speed bump that set you on a better course to self belief.

I am very happy to discuss at any time Glenncoco88, just get back to us if you want to.

Hope this has helped a little bit.

All the very best, The Bro