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Hating school and wanting to drop out

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I’m really hating school at the moment. My anxiety has been so bad at the moment. I’ve just gotton lots of marks back from last term and I only passed by a few marks for every assignment and test. I feel so dumb and stupid. I just hate school so so much. I can’t deal with the assignments and stress and it’s becoming too much. I really want to go to uni though and the course that I want to go to doesn’t really have and VET or TAFE courses that could be used as an entry way. So I’m just stuck at school doing subjects that I’m liking less and less the more I do. It’s becoming so unbearable. I just don’t see the point of going to school if I’m hating it stressing about it and then not even getting anh good marks. I’ve spoken to my parents my therapist school counsellor teachers and nothing has worked. I just don’t see the point I’m absolutely miserable. Im struggling  and hate that I’ve gotten to this point where I’m back to being depressed all over again.
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Snowflake36389,

Wellcome to our forums.

Im sorry you are feeling this way.

I understand that high school is hard …… everyone is different and everyone learns in different ways ……… having low grades doesn’t define you ……… high school is just something we go through in our life time.

Having low grades doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great job in the future because you can.

I understand that you want to go to uni, would you consider tutoring?

Im sorry your anxiety is bad at the moment……… have you ever seeked help for your anxiety?

In my lived experience of anxiety I could never really concentrate well and absorb information I believe this is one of the reasons I got low grades at school.

Now that my anxiety has been treated I feel so much better and can concentrate and absorb information.

Anxiety is tough and it can effect us in different ways and it’s not our fault.

Your not dumb or stupid your a human being and you deserve love and you also need to give yourself some self love.

Go easy on your self

Im here to chat

Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Snowflake

Welcome to the bb forum.

I’m really sorry that anxiety is getting in the way of your studies. High school is hard enough as it is without having to deal with a MH condition. Hugs to you.

I understand how hard and demoralising it can be, as I supported my daughter who also has anxiety and OCD throughout her high school years.

I know you feel down right now but I see two strong positives in your story.

The first is that you passed everything. That’s a big win.

The second is that you have been brave enough to disclose how you are feeling and start seeking support within your school system.

Your MH condition will enable you to seek “reasonable adjustments” from your school, which should in turn enable you to access your education on a level playing field with your non-anxious peers. How many adjustments can be made will reflect the severity of your illness.

Reasonable adjustments include things like more time to sit exams and tests, being able to sit them in a separate room or even using a scribe. They can also include automatic extensions for assignments and the ability to take a lighter course load.

Less subjects in your final two years can assist you to achieve a higher ATAR and hopefully get you into the university course you want. You will have more time to complete your work and less stress juggling, which should help to improve your performance. If you choose to go down this path I strongly suggest you carefully choose your four (or five) subjects with the help of your careers counsellor.

Many schools document these reasonable adjustments in an Individual Learning Plan.

I would suggest talking to your therapist and preparing a letter to school asking for the supports you need. You’ll then need a couple of meetings to plan and document the outcomes.

It’s challenging but you can do this. With the right school support and a lot of determination my daughter took 4 VCE classes, graduated high school and gained entry to her chosen university course. Hang in there.

Kind thoughts to you