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Has anyone tried hypnotherapy for anxiety?

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I have suffered with anxiety now for about 3 years, since then I have stopped going to social events with friends as people and public places freak me out, I struggle going to shopping centres on my own, can only drive certain distances and to certain places (my worst panic attack was while driving) which caused that..... as a hairdresser I sometimes feel anxious at work, and feeling like your going to faint, throw up ect while doing a clients hair is very embarrassing.i also freak out daily about my healt, eg; hear that someone has died of a 1 in a million illness and all of a sudden, I’m worrying I might have that illness.

all of the above is ruining my life! I have tried medication and psychologists, the medication worked for a time but I don’t want to solve my problems with a pill forever.... and the psychologist was just telling me everything I already knew about my anxiety.

my next step is to try hypnotherapy as I’ll try anything that might work, so has anyone tried it or know of anyone who has successfully been hypnotised for anxiety? Or have any other treatments I can try?

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Hi Ariel,
I came across your post and can relate to everything you said about your anxiety and constant fear for your health. Hearing about other peoples deaths is also a trigger for me, but also my own physically feelings. I could have 1 sore spot or a weird sensation on my body and I will suddenly think the worst. Like I've got some sort of illness that I will just drop dead from.

I have been suffering for a few years now, I also have a kid and I've come to breaking point because I just want to be better for my child. I need help. I've tried pills and seen a phycologist, which didn't help.

So I started looking into Hypnotherapy and wondering if you ended up trying it and whether that helped you?
I truly hope it worked out for you and that you are feeling much because I understand how much pain anxiety can cause.

Hope to hear from you.

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Hi Kim,

I haven't tried hypnotherapy yet but am just about to start it. I have read that hypnotherapy improves the effectiveness of other treatments as well. I've had an initial discussion with the hypnotherapist and I'm really hopeful it will help and create quicker change than just counselling etc. Of course, because I have anxiety I'm anxious about doing it as well! Sigh. But I figure if there's a chance it could fix this horrible daily anxiety then it's worth trying. So maybe I can let you know how I go.

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I have suffered with health anxiety for a few years now and continue to think every like twinge is my heart , it is exhausting, have tried many things but hate taking drugs , my doctor has suggested hypnotherapy and am just about to go to my fourth session, have had a few bad days since starting but have had a few really good days where I didn't have anxiety at all so I am very hopeful that this helps , I just want to be able to enjoy my life without the fear of sickness pain or dying so would be interested to know if it has worked for anyone