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Hangxiety - help!

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I suffer from anxiety generally, but it is at it's worst after a night of drinking.

Obviously there is a simple solution there - don't drink! I have been working hard to try and limit my alcohol consumption to save myself the panic attacks next day. However sometimes it is hard and you slip up. I had a big night last night and am lying in bed absolutely hating myself, going over and over and over the events of last night in my head. My heart is racing and I feel completely beside myself and at a loss of what to do. Which is why I'm here posting I guess! This time is particularly bad - we were at a friend's wedding and the night ended unpleasantly with an altercation between some friends. I wasn't directly involved, i dont think i did anything wrong but the memory is fuzzy. I was part of the group involved and can't help but feel like it was my fault and I ruined people's night.

When you do have hangxiety, what do you do to get you through those hours of hell?

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I am feeling exactly the same myself, I struggle with anxiety and I woke up feeling exactly the same myself today. I had a glass to many, lost my phone and then have spent all day beating myself up about it. I replay and stress that I say silly things or do the wrong thing and people be made with me- it’s rarely the case that I have but I am always worried about it.

I just try to watch the tv and find this a helpful outlet. It worries me coming up to Christmas time and all the events that require drinking, I don’t always get carried away but never sure when I might!

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Hello Hey!

Welcome to the forums.

Sorry to hear that you are struggling with your anxiety and alcohol consumption as of late. May I ask have you ever received any treatment for your anxiety? Medication? Therapy? Addressing your anxiety which could be one of the main underlying issues as to why you might consume alcohol excessively? Addressing underlying issues is generally the best way to address problems that arise as a result of underlying issues left untreated.

I believe it is extremely important not to bed too hard on yourself when you do drink too much and feel the effects physically and emotionally the next day. No one is perfect and beating yourself up isn't beneficial. I think it is extremely encouraging that you are aware of your emotions and how your drinking is impacting your emotional well-being and quality of life.

I think it would be beneficial to speak to your GP and explore the possible treatment methods available to you.

It isn't easy controlling your alcohol consumption levels but addressing the underlying issues as to why you drink so much, if any, is super important.

Hope this helps.


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Hi PC12,

Sorry to hear you suffer from it too. I hope you got through the day ok. Even just posting on here and doing some more research online helped me a lot, and I ended up going to my parents place and talking it through with my mum. It took the weight off my shoulders a bit. Every time I talk about it, it seems to lessen the load.

I definitely agree, it makes me stressed thinking about the silly season coming up. I think being conscious of it is a really good place to start. Good luck to you!!

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Hi Nick,

Thanks so much for your reply.

I have seen several therapists in the past for my anxiety but am not currently seeing anyone. I understand that I have social anxiety and when I drink it heightens it because I worry about my interactions with people which I may not have been fully aware of/in control of at the time.

Sometimes I feel like I have a handle on my anxiety but there are other times when it feels out of control, and I guess that becomes a downward spiral as it's during these times that I tend to drink more and feel the effects more.

Im working on some self care, quiet times and healthy eating etc at the moment to get back into a good mindset and feel a little more in control again.

Thanks again!

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Hi Hey,

Thanks for your response.

Is there a reason why you are not seeing a health professional at the moment? I believe seeing someone would be extremely beneficial as long as that is what you want. It is really hard to get through some situations on your own so that may be something you wish to consider.

Your spot on with what you say about feeling the effects more. Alcohol does send many people in a downward spiral so it may be worth looking into a few things that may be leading to you drinking excessive amounts.

Its great that your working on implementing a healthier lifestyle. This is extremely hard to do and will go a long way to improving your situation.