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From someone who suffered OCD and recovered

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I’m experienced in knowing what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is and how it feels to have this condition I suffered with this condition and now I’m recovered thanks to the correct treatment from health professionals.

I want to share my experiences in how it feels to have OCD and to let you know there is HOPE that you can recover aswell if you are experiencing it..

I was diagnosed with OCD by a psychiatrist…….. for me when I had OCD my intrusive thoughts seemed irrational but “ felt” very real……

As an example of OCD and how the sufferer feels: you can be driving a car and pass a pedestrian….. your intrusive thought will say “ what if I ran that person over” a person with OCD will experience severe anxiety that will accompany this thought…. with many scenarios running through their mind the OCD sufferer gets fixed on these thoughts/ images……. the OCD sufferer feels the urge to turn around the car and go and check in actually fact to see if they did run the pedestrian over…… they go back and check the pedestrian isn’t there but they will still constantly worry about it and have severe anxiety over it … with many what if s running through their mind….. because the sufferer “feels” extreme anxiety over this scenario the feelings seem very real……..

But to someone who doesn’t have OCD they will have the intrusive thought that they may run over the pedestrian….. but that’s we’re it stays as a thought and they forget about it…

Some people with OCD may have intrusive thoughts to do something eg pick the correct coloured sock if they don’t they have the thoughts of “something bad will happen to someone they love if they don’t select the correct coloured sock” this thought is accompanied by extreme anxiety…….

This condition is a very exhausting debilitating condition and it’s a very cruel disorder …. some people who suffer with this condition feel as though they are going crazy….. it’s a horrible disorder to have.

OCD sufferers can feel “ stuck” scared, fearful and very exhausted.

People with OCD perform compulsions to try to bring down the severity of their anxiety…. Eg seek reassurance, google search symptoms, check things over and over again…….ect

Their anxiety comes down for a little while but it starts back up soon after because OCD is a vicious cycle.

OCD is treatable..

I will explain in my next thread

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Community Champion

Hi Kat1234,

Thank you for your post 😊 I’m glad you found my thread useful… and that it has given you hope…

Im sorry that you suffer with OCD, it is a really cruel disorder to have I understand…

Yes please seek the help you need so you can learn to stop OCD in its tracks! You really can learn to do this…. It takes perseverance and practice to learn the skills but once you do you will begin to fly….

I did a group therapy in this group therapy I learned to master my OCD….. the therapy was metacognitive therapy… it was an intervention into the OCD……. This therapy changed my life…… I’m so grateful I was able to do this therapy….

I have written another thread…. Effective treatment for OCD….. metacognitive therapy

Please have a read of this 😊

You are also welcome to start your own thread if you wish..”wanting to hear from others who are battling OCD”…. Others may post on this thread….

Id love to hear your story and I’d love to hear about your progress…. Believe me you will have progress once you receive the correct help and the correct tools to help you to break free from the grips of OCD..

Please ask me anything……

im here to chat

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thanks for starting this informative thread.

As you know so many people will read your posts and will feel less alone, even though they won’t post.

I have learnt from your posts.
Thanks for your honesty .

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Community Champion

Hi quirkywords,

Thank you for your kind words, I’m so glad you have learnt from my posts 😊

I always aim to be as honest as I can about my mental health journey .

I believe that the more honest I can be will enable others to have a deeper insight into OCD and hopefully it can help and encourage others who are going through a mental health condition that there is HOPE. ❤️🙏

Hi Petal22,

How have you felt speaking about your experience with OCD? I have seen your posts on other threads and I can definitely see how empathetic and encouraging you are!

It's great to have you on the forum 🙂

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Community Champion

Hi missep123,

Thank you for your kind words 😊

When I first started talking about OCD on the forums I was a little apprehensive I was a little worried that there may be triggers from other posts that may start up my OCD cycle.

BUT then I realised that I have “healed” from OCD and I believe once you have had it to the extent that I had it, I can’t get it back. I was taught so many wonderful tools in my OCD therapy and I learned the exact things that hold me in my OCD cycle so if anything was to pop up again I know how to disengage from it. I now have a lot of tools in my toolbox and I’m very confident that I won’t relapse.

I really like to be as honest as I can on the forums so that if other members are struggling with OCD or another condition they can have hope that with the correct treatment and with self work they CAN recover. If I CAN there is hope that others CAN.

My ways of talking about OCD now on the forums come from a confident positive place. I have a knowing that I will be ok and that I can help others.

I know that my knowledge of OCD will help other forum members with their mental health journey and they will find a way forward.

One of my reasons for joining the forums is that I believe I went through OCD and recovered so I could come out the other side to help others who are going through mental health…… I can give them hope 🙏🦋

Its true what they say .. once you go into a storm you come out of it a totally different version of your self….

I feel reborn again and I believe I was meant to go through that storm so I could come out of it as a stronger version of myself so I could help others.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without the storm of OCD and I don’t regret it because I feel I’m now my true self ❤️