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Feeling overwhelmed and need to talk.

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I wish this wasnt the case but things are getting overwhelming for me again . The world just seems a lonely place at the moment. I have friends who i seen on the weekend and i do get relief then. Its when i get back to being by myself that i crash. I have an appt with my psychologist today and had GP appt but he cancelled on me . I have had recent life events that have really made me distraught and lonely the main being a relationship breakup.

Im also unhappy at work and i feel like everything is so grey for me.

I have been a life time sufferer of anxiety and depression and being 56 it has tired me out. Im actually quietly proud of how i have managed to keep going and get as far as i have . Im scared about where i will end up from all this as i dont know where to turn . I have tried all my life to be a good person and think i have been .. I have always helped where i could and been a good citizen.

My family seem to have a history of depression and anxiety but i feel i have copped the worst of it . Ive always been oversensitive and let things affect me. I just want all this anxiety and depression to go away.

I have turned to these forums recently and its been a help to me . My anxiety and depression just gets so tough at times.

Where do i turn too in this place i just want to be happy again and want the same for others. Brett


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Dear Beaser,

Thank you for finding the strength to post about your confusion in our forums. As you have noted, we are a very supportive community.

We understand that you have been struggling with depression and anxiety most of your life, and you are now feeling quite worn down by the mental exhaustion.

We are pleased that you are under the care of mental health professionals. Unfortunately, work exhausts you, and you don't feel like you have anywhere else to turn.

Sometimes, when we are feeling down, it can help to see other people. Mens Shed is a good organisation to help.

We would also like to invite you to call BeyondBlue Support Service on 1300 22 4636, or Lifeline on 13 1114. Both of these services are free, and they are available 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

We are always here for you.

Warm regards,

Sophie M.

Community Member

Thank you Sophie M.

Managed to get my dogs out and get some exercise so thats a positive.. I appreciate the BB forums as its a place where i can be honest about things. Brett

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Brett,

I am glad you have found the forums to be a supportive and helpful place for yourself.

KEEP BEING PROUD. Yes, you are doing so well, keep patting yourself on the back for that. Treat yourself and do what makes you happy by simply being here! Awesome work.

I am sorry to hear about the tough times you are experiencing, but remember to keep shining and try not to let it get you down too much. I am glad you are seeking help too.

Keep coming here for support if you need, we are here to listen!

Warm regards,

jaz xx

Aline SM
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Hi Brett,

good on you for opening up and seeking for help!

I guess, specially in moments like these where we feel a little "bleh" and it feels like nothing excites us anymore, it is even more important to take small steps that add joy to our daily lives. Looking for positive things to do, even if we don't really feel like doing it, can make a big difference. As you mentioned, walking with your dogs was very helpful for you and, maybe, you can add to that getting in touch and starting conversations with other pet owners at the dog park or put your favourite playlist / podcast to listen to while you walk.

I know it might sound silly, but from experience, what gives us the fulfilment we are after is what we do on a daily basis - we don't need to wait for the weekend or a special event to socialise and feel good. What helped me a lot was to make a very honest list of little things that make me feel happy (eg. a cup of tea while reading a chapter of a book, singing my favourite songs, colouring, having small breaks during the day just to breath and reconnect to myself, going for a walk, sitting by the sun, exercising, therapy...) and started making the time to do those things.

It can be exhaustive to deal with the mental load and not spending a day without doing something that makes me happy is an easy way that I've found to stop fighting anxiety and bring back that spark and colours to my life!

As Sophie_M mentioned, we are always here for you and if you feel the need to talk this through, don't hesitate getting in touch with the services Sophie_M recommended.

Hope you have a wonderful day and let us know how you're going!

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Brett.

Thanks for sharing.
each word you wrote resonated a lot with me. I'm currently going through a similar thing and hope to be able give others support.

Last week and the week before were tough, due to work, and i guess being oversensitive. I hadnt been sleeping, and everything was compounding.

i turned to the forums for some solidarity, and received some helpful and compassionate comments. Those were the things to help get me to keep pushing forward.
fortunately I had 2 big worries at work solved one day last week, and so i had the best sleep that night. Now im in the wake of the episode, dealing with the remnants of the dark time, which is slowly turning grey. Though i am still depressed, just not as anxious.

I think there is some camaraderie in these forums, helping each other out.

i hope things become colourful for you soon.


Thanks Not Batman. For your kind and understanding reply. You mention of being oversensitive . This has always been my thing too. And yes everything does compound and things build up. I spoke to my psychologist this afternoon. He gave me some good advice about things like work not being permanent if it all gets too bad. But i guess easier if we didnt have bills and mortgages etc. I am sorry to hear that your still depressed and hope things turn for you. It seems you are making progress and im Happy for that. Brett

Thank you everyone for your kind and helpful replies. Its a help and comfort that people can share there experiences and offer some advice. I really value it. Brett

Community Member
Hi and thanks again jaz. I spoke to my phycologist yesterday . We have a really good relationship and he helps. He explained that nothing has to be permanent and i can always make changes . Maybe sometimes easier said than done i know . I have a friend dropping in today to give me some tips on using my carpet cleaner LOL. At least some come contact for the day and maybe some motivation. Wishing you a Happy DAY. BRETT.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hey sorry made a mistake, meant to say out some good karma out into the world. And practice your self talk, it’s never to late to turn it around. I’m here for you and to help answer anything. I know how difficult it seems, and sometimes we don’t believe things will change, and sometimes we’ve been this way from a very young age. And that’s why it’s difficult. Because pain is all we know. We have to put in new information new ways of life. And importantly we have to change our attitude,