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Fatigue and Exhaustion

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Hi everyone, hopefully everyone is doing as well as can be.

just wondering if many experience exhaustion and fatigue on a daily basis with their anxiety.

im constantly tired and exhausted, and have numerous bouts of fatigue throughout the day, more so when I know I have things to do.

Can many people relate?


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Hi lmslms,

Yes, it is common to feel tired more easily if you have anxiety. Being stressed all the time can wear you out! I believe it is one of the most common symptoms, actually.

I am actually the opposite to you, in a sense: I can 'turn off' my fatigue if I have something I really need to do, especially at work (where I coach sports, so I need to be on top of things). This can come at the expense of being rather robotic and out of it, unfortunately. I think it's because I enjoy being at work, and I have to devote 100% of my attention to my kids, including my subconscious thought. This leaves less room for me to think anxiously. Occasionally, just after I leave work, I will feel really dizzy and shaky because I've used up all of my energy.

So yes, exhaustion is very common with anxiety, and I totally relate.

Hope you have a good evening.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
hi Lmslms, welcome to the site, and sorry for how you are feeling, but to answer your query, is yes, as far as I'm concerned, anxiety and depression will cause you to become tired, and even if your doctor prescribes medication like antidepressants, these won't stop you from being tired.
Sometimes people can get used to how they feel, but lots of people can't become acclimatised, however they plan their day if not working to have a cat nap at the same time of the day.
If you are working take your lunch break at the time where you can have 40 winks. Geoff.

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Hi lmslms

This is my first post, long time reader.

Can confirm the fatigue, both mental and physical. I am working on solutions - so any advice, i'd love to hear it. So far, exercise is always good. But don't do much, keep some gas in the tank. Eat well. Drink water. Sleep! Work on a sleep routine - loads of advice on these forums. Even worth going in for a check up to test for any allergies. Personally i have ceoliacs which solved a few fatigue issues and provided solutions. Even a nutritionist might help?

Good luck.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi lmslms,

I can relate to feeling exhausted from anxiety. It's better now, but I used to feel drained most days because of it. I have social anxiety and people are everywhere when I have to get out of the house, so it was exhausting worrying about what others thought about me all the time. It's better at home when only my family is around and I can be more myself. I found 'Yoga with Adriene' youtube videos to help with feeling a bit more rejuvenated and relaxed.

All the best 🙂