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Everything is getting too much.Dont know where to turn.Feel so sad.

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Im starting to feel overwhelmed and like i just dont matter to people. Ive reached out to my friends and told some of my struggles. It just seems everyone is so busy in there own world though. Ive tried so hard to give back to my community and friends. I volunteer at my local football club and did seven hours behind the bar volunteering on the weekend. I felt just taken for granted and came home sad and tired. Ive seperated from my partner and wish i had of put more of my time into being with her and not worried about letting people down who i werent seeing. I just feel so sad and lonely . Why do i have to endure this pain ive been a good citizen and person all my life. I just cant get my life right . I just want to be happy again . I dont know where to turn too any more.. Brett
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Hi Best wishes to everyone.

I finally got out yesterday after being laid up with the flu. I have decided i need to try and be stronger and say no to people. My football club being my big issue. The friend who i help on bar duties has stepped away from it and i think its expected by some that i will do more. I wish i had of stepped back sooner i feel like walking away from it myself now. Im so sick of being seen as an easy person who will just do this sort of stuff all the time.

Has anyone else had similar things happen to them .

Best wishes for a Happy Day to everyone.

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Hi Beaser,

Good on you for getting out.

Do something that you really want to do for yourself.

People pleasing is done by a lot of people, sometimes unconsciously, your really not alone.

If your interested google Tracy Secombe she is the founder of Soul Pleaser she has helped people from 'people pleasers' to become Soul Pleasers, She has also just written a book: from people pleaser to soul pleaser.

Have a nice day and we all have the power within us to change in positive ways to benefit ourselves, sometimes we need to be made aware of this.

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Thank You Petal.

I really appreciate your reply. And the recommendation. Hope you had a Happy Weekend. I thought i was over this cold/flu but its still hanging around. Its knocking me a bit mentally too.